Wednesday, 3 January 2018

New Year, Same Me, New Cases!

You don’t have to read many of these pages to realise how much of an absolute dork I am. Whilst I am prone to joining in on the national mourning that signifies the end of a festive break or bank holiday, in secret, I revel in those back to school feels of new pencil cases and fresh blank pages in untouched diaries.

I went back to work yesterday after 10 days off for Christmas and so the night before, I made sure my nails were nicely painted (top AND bottom coat included), my outfit was laid out, and my bag was packed ready to start back at it.

This for sure won’t happen again in 2018, but it's a must for the first week in January to accentuate the ‘back to school work’ / fresh start excitement.

However, despite the fact that around 99% of my work is digital, I’ve always been more of an analogue kinda gal, when it comes to stationery splurges. At uni (and on a shoestring budget), I would only buy black moleskine diaries (the soft leather kind obvs, because who can be dealing with those intractable hardback margins) and to this day, all my notes and to-do lists are always hand-written, rather than tip-tapped into the notes app on a phone.

I’ve had my phone for what… three, four, years (total technophobe Tania over here) and until now, I’ve never had a case. I’ve TALKED about getting a case; I’ve browsed all of the cases, and then felt entirely uninspired by the cases. Unicorn print is not for me. 

But I am also aware that mirror style selfies do not look cute with a plain-ass antiquated iPhone, so when the guys at Caseapp asked if I would like to create a personalised case and laptop skin for myself, I jumped at the chance to step in to the 21st Century, at last. 

After much deliberation and leafing through my photo archives, I finally decided upon a B&W grainy palm tree image from my trip to Grimaud last year for my laptop skin,and for my phone, I decided to use the digital illustration that artist, blogger, and all-round good gal, Ella Masters had painted for me! 

I’ve followed Ella’s blog and work for quite some time now and when I spotted her Girls in Leaves series, I knew she'd create the perfect piece for my about page and sidebar,  and I thought it'd be really nice to make this blog feel more profesh and 'brand' my phone in a similar way, and I absolutely LOVE the finished product. (Psst. keep a lookout for more additions to Ella's Girls in Leaves series coming soon on her shop).

In a time where we all take a heap of photos, upload them to instagram, then forget about them, it's really nice to turn my fave pics and memories into something which we use every single day. 

So cheers, to 2018, the new year, and cheers, to Caseapp, for coaxing me out of my analogue comfort zone and bringing me into the (considerably more pretty) digital age. 

Fancy designing one yourself? Then head over to Caseapp and get 20% off your very own custom phone case or laptop skin (or both!) with the discount code: AFTERGLOW20


Much love, 
L xo

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