Monday, 2 October 2017

Yes, yes, yes, it's my Autumn Almanac

Friday evenings, people get together
Hiding from the weather, tea and toasted
Buttered currant buns, can't compensate
For lack of sun because the summer's all gone

We’re told that seasons change four times a year, although sometime you wouldn’t believe it with summer and winter more often that not, choosing to blur their boundaries.

This week alone, I’ve worn: a wool jumper (under a jacket), a dress (with bare legs), a dress (with 60 dernier tights), a raincoat (a lifesaver), and a tee (without a jacket in 22 degree heat, which was fine…until the torrential rain re-appeared). Did you keep up? No, me neither, it’s no wonder that ‘mastering transitional dressing’ are the words on everyone’s lips at the moment.

Though the attributes of a season may be questionable and whilst it’s true that I do get excited checking out those new season arrivals pages, one thing remains a constant: my daily ‘uniform’ will barely change.

It may be boring to some but I blooming love having a tried and tested selection of wardrobe basics that will see me through the year. Give me a dungaree, a cigarette pant or a loose-fit shirt with some denim and I’m a seriously happy bunny. I am a creature of habit and I’m fine with that.

It’s less about being unadventurous with new garments and more about feeling comfortable with the shapes and silhouette that I like on this pear-shaped bod of mines. It may sound ridiculous, but “fussy” outfits can make me genuinely irritable. If I have to spend the day at work, re-adjusting straps that slip off the shoulder, tugging hemlines down over my booty or, even just faffing around with how something sits, my concentration and productivity is going out the window - First World problem, I know.

For me, having fail-safe, go-to items makes getting ready each morning relatively pain-free. I’ve come to realise it doesn’t have to mean ignoring new season trends altogether. Instead, when it comes to shape and fit, I stick with what I know, but add a sense of ‘newness’ with some new season colours or by mixing up my accessories.

I will always prefer boxy men’s-style over fitted shirts, so this season, instead of stealing from James’ wardrobe, I’ve picked up a few of these pjyama-style printed versions from Zara. For the bottoms, I’ve simply hacked off the bottom hem from last summer’s jeans to mimic that cigarette-pant silhouette that I can’t get enough of, for when it’s too cold to wear lightweight cotton trousers.

Seasons may change, but my “uniform”… and my inability to keep my eyes fully open during an outfit shoot, probably won’t!

Shirt – Zara | Jeans – Topshop | Shoes – Converse | Bag – Zara | Coat – Misguided.
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Autumn Almanac - The Kinks

Much love,
L x
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