Sunday, 8 October 2017

Perfect Imperfections

It’s so easy to find excuses for things, in particular, to find excuses for not doing things.

If you’ve followed this blog since its beginnings, you’ll have noticed that my upload schedule is less than regular. And why?

We moved house. Naturally, that disrupted things for a short time, but it settled again after a few weeks. Work got busy, but, if I’m honest, it always has been. Winter came and the limited hours of natural light made taking pictures a little trickier, but everyone else manages it! Excuse upon excuse makes a missed week turn into two, and two, turn into months.

It’s not for a lack of ideas either. I’ve got a notebook stacked full of ‘em for future posts. I’m not saying they’re all great ideas that would make the cut, far from it, but they’re there.

The other morning, I was listening to the School For Dumb Women podcast (which btw, if you like learning the “why’s” and “how’s” of life, from three comedic, smart women, you should for sure, go & check it out, it’s brilliant). One of the topics was procrastination and it completely hit the nail of the head as to why I do it...

Annoyingly, it would seem it all stems back to that ridiculously, impractical desire to make everything so bloody perfect.

We build up a picture in our heads of what something could look like, of the imagery we could create, the words that could tumble, effortlessly on to the page, “if”, the circumstances were slightly different.

And sometimes, sitting down, crossed-legged on a bed on a Sunday Afternoon with a laptop in front of me, achieving all of that seems daunting and impossible. So instead, I wait… for the ‘right’ thing at the ‘right’ moment.

Which I’ve realised is so, so, so silly! This blog is a hobby. I write because I enjoy it and it relaxes me, and if the popularity of instagram is anything to go by, we all enjoy capturing a moment and sharing a snap!

I know there’s always so much debate and, quite often ridicule, about our generations need to, share, share, and share some more. The way in which we document even the most banal aspects of our day-to-days: our catch-ups with friends, our walks in the park, our dinners

However, that’s exactly what I love about it. Occasionally, I will delve into my own archives, early blogs and smile as it reminds me of minuscule moments in time that would have otherwise been forgotten. It’s the unimportant stuff, the outtakes and the behind-the-scenes to life’s main events, but it is all part of life, so why not celebrate that as much as much as the big stuff?

Not only that, I do LOVE the nuances in life. The imperfections.

I love quirks of character in literature and films with stories that jar. I love music that doesn’t sound too polished and voices that can sometimes sound off-key. I love prints and colours that clash.

And so, with that in mind, I’ve decided I need to start practicing what I preach and embrace it all.

As summer begins to hibernate for half a year, it's hard not to the do the same but I'm going to try and push on and be just as productive, whatever the setting.

Our house may be turned upside down with cracked walls stripped bare, ready for plastering and furniture may be circulating around more times than a ferris wheel, but I’m grabbing the opportunity for a quick outfit shoot before the walls change, framing new season purchases with wilting house plants and flowers picked from summer’s last bloom.

And what would ya know, it’s one of my faves to date! 

Wearing: Blouse, Joggers & Boots by Zara
Inspired by: Monet’s Water Lillies
Listening to: Where The Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue

Much love,

L x
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