Thursday, 19 October 2017

Go Go Girls

Hey, hey! Guess what? Sound the alarms. Throw the confetti. I’ve FINALLY, FINALLY joined the Joanie club. “It’s about time”, you will probably say, and you would be correct. I first became aware of the brand at the start of the year after spotting the Margot Brunch Club tee on so many of my favourite creative ladies. Not only is the tee the cutest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on, it’s called MARGOT for crying out loud.

I was absolutely over the moon when the lovely gals at Joanie got in touch and I leapt at the chance to try a few pieces from their collection.  Two of the pieces I chose were Rhoda A-Line button denim skirt and the Lada tee. I am a sucker for a good type slogan tee at the best of times, but I REALLY love the reference to go-go dancers and sweet sixties style silhouette of the skirt. Putting together this outfit at the weekend instantly gave me those warm, fuzzy feels, prompting a nostalgia for a time (not too long ago) when my style was intrinsically tied to whatever I was listening to, what I was reading or what I watched.

It was a time before jeans and trousers became major players in my wardrobe; a time when I lived with my best friend in a pastel-painted house we lovingly named Twee Towers. Both completely enamoured by all things Sixties, our daily wardrobes reflected that. We’d started a joint blog and spent our evenings spinning and swapping new French Pop tunes that we’d discovered or going through archives of Sixties Pysch. Sometimes we argued like sisters, but most of the time, we sipped cups and cups of rose tea, lusting after beautiful velvet vintage dresses. We spent many hours trying to work how we could re-create Anna Karina’s wardrobe with our limited budgets.

Filled with a youthful zest for life, we’d write lists in pretty notebooks, dreaming up what we wanted to do with ourselves in the future and everything that we’ wanted to achieve, in a way that you can only do when you’re in your early-twenties with your best gal by your side as your much-needed champion in life -  one that supports all the good ideas, the iras that your fated to grow out of, and the down-right crazy.

It got me thinking about how my style has evolved since then and whilst I think the way I dress now is far more suited to me and my lifestyle today, it's easy to look back and miss those easy, fun-filled days when I made more of an effort to add a sense of "playfulness" in the way I dressed. 

However, what's also nice is looking back and realising that my love for all those things is still absolutely there, it just blends more seamlessly into the everyday now. Engrained in to my character, rather than self-consciously acted out.  

It's also nice to look back and realising that achieved a few of those dreams. Not all of them (thankfully, that’d be boring) but that naive optimism and bold drive that we nurtured in Twee Towers, has seen us build careers, deepen relationships... and in her case, even grow a real mini-human person!! 

I'm proud of us.

And the best bit? Whilst we no longer live under the same roof, next year, I will sat with my best friend, still sipping tea just before she ventures into the next chapter, as she marries the love of her life <3

To quote our old pal Dylan: The times they are a’changing! They are Bob, for the better. 

Thanks Joanie for the new wardrobe additions and for the small trip down memory lane. 

Pretty clothes for nostalgic souls, indeed...

Much love,
L xo

Wearing: Tee & Skirt c/o Joanie, hat & bag by Zara
Reading: The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice
Listening to: Liar Liar by The Castaways
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