Sunday, 22 October 2017

Clownin' Around

Happy Halloween month! Can we start talking costumes now? I've started earlier than usual because time has been creeeepin’ up on me so fast these past few months and I was determined that I wouldn't miss the Halloween boat, like I did last year. After coming across a new area to explore, James & I had planned to go for an Autumn walk, so I thought I would take the opportunity to prance around trying out my costume - a Picasso ‘rose period’ inspired clown look. We have some of those Picasso prints hanging in out front room and I stare at them every day, wishing it was appropriate to dress like that.

Worryingly, I already had every single part of this costume in my wardrobe.  What do we think about that? Should I feel proud about my sensible resourcefulness or should I just stop buying such ridiculous garments of clothing now?

I suppose I’ve always enjoyed playing dress-up to some extent. Like most of us, I started secondary school as an A-class sartorial sheep – following the pack, because I didn’t know any better. This was followed by the not-so-seamless transition to Grebby SK8r Girl - it was a rite of passage for most, yes? I would borrow my friend’s wide-leg jeans, not caring that they would be hanging off my butt (god bless the studded belt). Next came the long-lasting indie cindy phase, with my trademark white tights and knee high socks.

To this day, I’m still a fan of building an outfit of comfortable staple pieces and then topping it all off with something a bit more 'costumey' (gaudy).  Looking a bit awkward makes me feel more comfortable than looking too matchy-matchy. There's a continual mood board situation going on in my mind as to how I can mix-up and combine aspects of looks I admire.

Mantra: What would Bowie do?

Consciously and subconsciously, I transform myself into different characters all the damn time and Halloween just offers a mighty fine excuse to take it to the next level!

I’d bought this amazing stripe circus neck ruff a couple of years ago and ended up changing my costume last minute. I haven’t been able to get rid of it because I genuinely love it. I think it’s beautiful. Then it was just a case of rummaging through my collections to pick out pieces and accessories in the right colourways, which would give me the right silhouette for the look. The pom-poms I had in a craft drawer (nerd alert) from yeaaars ago, so I stitched those on and voila! Easy peasy.

So there you go guys, there really is no excuse to not make an effort! It may not be the scariest or most creative Halloween look, but it did perplex the dog-walkers that we passed during the shoot. Can someone tell me when I'll get used to this blogger thing and stop dying from cringe!?

Wearing: Stripe Circus Neck Ruff by Tallulah Blue Burlesque, White Dress by George at Asda, White tights by ASOS, Oxblood Shoes by Vagabond, Earrings by ASOS
Listening to: Being for the benefit of Mr Kite - The Beatles
Inspired by: Picasso's Rose Period

Photos by J.E.B

Much love,
L xo

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