Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Tropical in Totnes

If you’d had told me a year ago that the colour pink would play a big part in my 2017 wardrobe, I would have laughed you out of town. Or at the very least, gave you one of my best ‘ya’ kidding?’ faces.

I’ve just never been a pink kinda gal.

And yet, here am I. Celebrating entering the final year of my twenties in a hot pink tropical number.


I’m blaming Netflix...

From Stranger Things’ Eleven’s peter-pan collar dress to the stylistic blush detailing in Black Mirror’s tear-inducing San Junipero, it’s safe to say that pastel hues have stolen the show of late, and consequently, millennial pink became a youth culture reference that my old heart could finally get on board with.

We can all ignore the fact that my use of the words "youth culture" has only worked to further cement how much of a grandma I actually am, can't we? Good.

Last weekend, I jumped on a bus with James & Co for an overnight trip to Devon's Seachange Festival

We spent Saturday morning brunching and wandering around Totnes’ cobbled high-streets for glimpses of its hilltop castles, exercising self-restraint whilst peering into gelato parlour windows and grabbing a few snaps outside of its pastel-fronted town houses, wishing I'd remembered to pick up my sunglasses before leaving the bus. All the squinting.

With the summer sun making an almighty comeback for the bank holiday weekend, I reluctantly ditched the jumpers and gave this tie-waist floral midi one last whirl.

If I’m being honest, I’m not completely sold on the asymmetric hemline – I’m considering digging out the wonder web to even it up – but layered over a white tee with a pair of chucks, unbrushed hair (questionable but optional) and a clashing red suede bag, it did the job for what will most likely be, my final dalliance with colour before knitwear season arrives in full.

Well, maybe I'll extend the colour love long enough to pick up this emerald green Weekday velvet-jacket in time for Autumn setting in. It'd be rude not to, eh. 

L xo
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