Thursday, 4 May 2017

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone...


Let’s jump straight in to it with a Pop Quiz: How shalt thou document the first ‘warm-enough-for-a-bare-leg’ day of the year?
  • By throwing on a floral midi dress
  • By visiting a pretty market town
  •  By enlisting a pal to capture this rarity for a blog post
  • All of the above

Leave your answer in the comments.

Hiya! I’ve decided to break up the Barcelona Solo Trip double-whammy to talk a bit about dressing for Spring, ‘cause it’s here, with it’s sunshine, and its lambs, and its torrential rain and hail-stones. Bless you Britain, you’re in a right muddle right now aren’t ya. In so, so many ways.

Despite your identity crisis Britain (says the girl talking at the weather via a small nook of the internet) I must say, I’m enjoying your flirtations with Spring and I'm enjoying putting outfits together right now. It usually feels like a hassle. The new styles that are in the shops at this time of year are usually so hyper-feminine, which is not typically my thang and so it often feels like a balancing game for me. That said, I’ve picked up a few new additions recently that I’m loving, as well as re-discovering pieces that had gone adrift (in the depths of my wardrobe) so I feel suitably equipped to press on with the new season.

The first was this floral midi dress, which I picked up a couple of years ago from our local Dr Martens Factory Shop. It was part of their design collaboration with Agyness Deyn and I love how it errs towards the grunge side of girly. The blue workwear overshirt is a sample that I picked up from R/E, the brand that I work for. Based on the 1940s French workwear Jackets, I’ve collected a fair few of these over the years. It’s menswear but they worn over-sized they make the perfect, lightweight cover-up for the summer months, that you can just chuck over a dress or with a pair of straight-leg trousers and chucks. I’ve got eye on this back-print version next.
As I get older, I feel that I’m more conscious of supporting local business and independent brands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still partial to a high-street gem or two, but I am actively trying to source elsewhere, where possible. These cute little trainers are from another independent British-brand ohw? shoes who have recently launched a women’s capsule collection to their range that make a nice change from wearing converse all summer.

My sunglasses are a new addition, after the super nice guys at Glasses Direct got in touch to see if I wanted to try out a new style to which of course I said, yes please!

Before I found out I needed glasses, I’d always fancied wearing specs. I was one of those annoying people who would ask to try people glasses on. There’s something about someone in glasses that emanates a desirable “put togetherness” and I wanted a slice of that pie. 

That was until I had to choose a pair and I spent hours trudging through the opticians, trying on everything to find the one pair that didn’t make me look either bossier than I already am or like Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory.  

It didn’t matter how many miscellaneous nannas would stop to tell me that a pair suited me (you can find many a miscellaneous nanna in an opticians), I wasn’t feeling it. 

Then I came across Glasses Direct. It’s 2017. We are the Millennials, living in the age of the home delivery. Of course, I wanna try on glasses from my bed. 

I chose my first two pairs, which you’ve probably seen me wearing over the past year or so, from the London Retro range. The style and size of the frame is right up my alley. 

This time, I decided to go for the Scout Alex glasses in Blush, which are SO comfortable. I think I’m going to order the clear frame version soon but for my freebies, I decided to go for the tinted sunglasses version, because: summer time driving & sensible adulting.
If you are a spec wearer and don’t yet have a pair of prescription sunnies, here’s five reasons why you should consider it:
  • For driving on those freakishly low-sun days, when the glare off the road makes you squint so bad that the healthy dose of eye-liner you have applied  literally rolls off your face.
  • For spotting that life-saving bench when and your (fellow late-twenties) friend are ¾ of the way up the steepest hill at Bradgate Park and need a breather.
  • For spying. When you are in Company, remove your normal glasses. Be sure to make a point that you can’t see without them. Put on your sunglasses without mentioning that they are prescription and voila, you’ve got yourself some first-rate spy-glasses.
  • For reading Laura Jane Williams’ ‘Ice-cream For Breakfast: How re-discovering your inner child can make you calmer, happier and solve your bullsh*t adult problems’ in the sun, because it’s good for the soul.
  • For the FASH-UUN, because dayumn, they’re cute.  

Thanks for reading and thanks to my pal Jack for the snaps. Go follow him at @jookstew on instagram if you like a good travel snap. 

Much love,

L x
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