Thursday, 20 April 2017

"I think you've still got lightning in you..."

Na’ then. I need to begin by saying a blooming enormous THANK YOU to everyone who read my last post, I was seriously blown away with the response.

I was genuinely surprised that it prompted so many messages from girls (and some guys too) who’d experienced similar feels – whether it was directly relating to the idea of engagement or general life guilt.

The post was such a slog to write because somewhere along the line, neurosis had led me to believe that there was something wrong with me, no one else was having these thoughts, and that was the reason why I was feeling out of sorts with it all.

It was kind of selfish of me to think that, but I suppose that comes part and parcel with moments of introspect.

Never under-estimate the power of hearing someone else whisper a simple: “I get it”.

To the guys and girls who reached out to share their own stories, to tell me that it’s ok, or just to give me a nudge of confidence on the old writing front, you’re the best.

I AM going to stop gushing now but I wanted you to know that it meant the world and you warmed my silly little heart.

“I think you’ve still got lightning in you.”

Back to business and from one outpouring of love to another… Wes Anderson.

I’ve steered clear of posting many outfit / style posts on this space for quite a while now. Mostly because, I just don’t feel like it would make a very interesting read.

I like posting snapshots on instagram (so go follow me there) however if I'm honest, deciding what to wear is the very last thing I do before I leave the house in the Morning (or more often that not, as I leave the house in the morning). I rarely pre-plan what I will be masquerading as, the night before so I really can’t pretend that much thought goes in to it.

Of course, I do buy in to trends now and again – all about those Jane Birkin baskets bags and slogan tees rn – & once in a blue moon, I’ll have a little splurge on a few new pieces… and then I’ll wear those same things day-in day-out, until there’s tears in the knees and holes in the soles.

However, what does excite me is taking pockets of inspiration from things I love and incorporating that in to a look. This usually consists of 1960s French girls, Wes Anderson Films, favourite fictional characters, Wes Anderson Films, David Bowie, Wes Anderson films.

The same goes for d├ęcor.

When we were preparing to move house last year, I vowed that I would keep the interiors minimal and the colour palette neutral. Light and bright.

I said that I would go for a grey sofa, because grey goes with everything and that would be sensible.

Well, that swiftly changed when we moved in and I propped our Grand Budapest Hotel print on a shelf in the living room and declared that the only sofa that would fit the bill would be a blue velvet number, because all I could think about was how nicely it would go with the print.

So the initial grey idea escaped completely and instead the room was filled with a mix of rich navies and shades of blush and vintage yellows - a theme that has seeped through to the rest of the house.

Family & friends tell us it’s very “us” – a description which feels both sweet and like a bit of a neg.

The only room that we hadn't touched was this one: the spare room.

In the few weeks after the move, we began peeling back the wallpaper, got bored and prioritised elsewhere; leaving the room as a menagerie of yoga mats, paints, suitcases, a drum kit and everything else we hasn’t yet found a place for, for the best part of a year.

Then a month or so ago, we got the balls to venture in for a tidy, clearing out the majority of the junk out and I realised that I kind of loved certain elements of what was going on already.

From the blush pink carpet to the absolutely incredible 1920s wardrobe, left behind by the previous owner. I have developed a proper soft spot for the kitschy messiness of it.

It feels like the perfect room to be creative in.

We will still ‘do it up’ – it definitely needs a lick of paint and some sense of coherence in the furnishings – and with that initial spark of inspiration there, I’m excited to get stuck in to it.

Much love,
L x

Wearing: Beret - We Are Cow, Gold Glitter Top - Primark & Cigerette Pants - Orla Kiely

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