Friday, 10 February 2017

Rain On Me!

Previously, if I were to choose a raincoat I would have went for something my five-year-old self would have been proud off. Most definitely shiny, possibly with hooded cat ears, a coat that said, “Hah, I don’t really care about good old, functional practicality, I LIKE FUN CLOTHES but I am here at this festival and this rain is a bit annoying.”
An earlier example is the completely see-through plastic monstrosity that I bought from ebay, ahead of a particularly drizzly festival. My thinking is that it would still allow me to showcase the sparkly jumpsuit I planned to wear underneath.

As you can imagine, it was SO horrendously plastic and the weather was so annoyingly humid that together it forged some kind of a weird air vortex, which felt like I was trying to vacuum-pack my own skin.

Since then I have been trying to become much more of a grown up with my sartorial choices. I say trying; there’s no try involved I BLOOMING love it. Cosy jumpers, extra layers, straight-leg trouser, comfortable shoes and recently, a sensible, breathable raincoat for the unexpected showers.
After a little scout around, I picked up this beautiful green one from ASOS Men’s. Top tip: ASOS Men’s size range is really good and they’ve got some amazing pieces if you are into borrowing from the boys, like me.

It wasn’t too pricey, is crafted from that really nice soft matte rubber-effect fabric that’s so comfortable to wear and really breathable – so you don’t get that icky, raincoat sweat if it’s warm out.

I'm rather looking forward to the April showers this year! If you wanna know what it looks like on, here's a silly little video James put together from our trip to the Lake District :) ...

Much love,
L x

(Featured: ASOS raincoat, Monki Kimono Jeans, Topshop Striped Crop Jumper, & Other Stories Star Earrings).
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