Friday, 16 September 2016

Midi Stripes + Chucks

A few years ago, you would be hard pressed to find me wearing something that sat more than a few inches from my butt-cheeks. A combination of an awkwardly, gangly body shape and an obsession with Jane Birkin coerced me into styling myself like some sort of a sixties-themed Betty Spaghetti doll (remember those?), I think. Who knows why those hemlines were so short.

What I do know is that in the years that have passed, I have found myself somewhat unwillingly, at the age of 28, and allergic (that's right, medically averse to) any garment that is short, tight, or just plain uncomfortable. As you may be able to tell, age doesn't necessarily deter the drama queen need for hyperbole, but it does regularly present the niggle that it is indeed to time to grow up, at least sartorially.

Fortunately, my workplace allows my day and play wardrobes to blend in to one and so my 'day to day' wardrobe mostly consists of relaxed-fitting cigarette pants, culottes, airy midi dresses ... ideally in a fabric that that doesn't itch, doesn't stick and most importantly of all, doesn't require ironing. Who the hell has the time or patience for that these days?

This super lightweight cheese-cloth style midi dress from Scandi-brand Monki has been an easy throw-on all summer. You do have to keep your wits about you with this one, as the front-buttons are partial to popping open when moving from a standing to seated position, as I have found out a few times. However, the delicate striped fabric and beautiful grandad-collar neckline make it easy to forgive that small short-coming. I mix it up between leaving it loose and flowy or throwing a belt around the waistline to smarten the look up. Finished with a pair of chucks and I'm good to go.
Has your style evolved with age?

Outfit details: Midi Dress by Monki; Converse High-Tops, fedora + belt all from ASOS.

Much love,
L x
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