Friday, 16 September 2016

Back At It!

Well, hello! You may notice that it's been a while since I last frequented these pages. Twelve months to be exact ... whoops. I can assure you that the year-long break from blogging was completely accidental, sometimes, life just happens. So now that you've all forgotten that this blog exists and well and truly beyond caring, here I am, back at it.

Given my track record, I won't make any promises that I will provide consistent and timely blog posts at this stage, however, over the past few weeks I have created a list as long as my arm of things I would like to chat about, so let's just see how I get on, eh. 
Want a quick re-cap of recent life events? The last time I posted I was just about to embark on a ten-day trip to the Algarve, which offered some much-needed, downtime. The first four days went spent exploring the stunning alcoves of the beach, often finding that were the only ones there, as we travelled off-season. My family then joined us for the last 6 days, which was lovely and meant that J & my brother could cure each other's inability to sit still for five minutes with endless games of pool, tennis and football, leaving me to sit poolside and read! Yas! 

It was just after that holiday, when I returned to work to find out that the menswear brand that I work for had secured a meeting with team that curate the shops in the Seven Dials' district of London, with the idea of getting a commercial space for a pop-up shop in the run up to Christmas. We got it! It was a massive learning curve to say the least. As my role is mainly office-based, working at the brand's HQ, I went from knowing absolutely zilch about how to set up and run a retail store, to having to learn everything in order to get the store open and operational, all within a three-week period. In hindsight, I can proudly say that it was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. At the time, my head felt like it was whirling around so much that even asking me my name may have caused confusion.
In order to make this little bloggy home more of an interesting read, I asked you on twitter what sort of thing you would like to see on Novella, and most of you said that you prefer style features with occasional posts about working in fashion. Whilst I've only been in the field for a couple of years, working for a small, independent brand has meant that my day to day role is quite varied; from going on research trips,  researching trends, attending garment design meetings, organising photo-shoots through to managing e-commerce and marketing, with a little bit of wholesale admin thrown in too. 

I'll try to cover a variety of topics as and when they pop up, but if anyone has any specific questions about working in the industry, feel free to leave them in the comments box below or send me an email and I'll work them into a future post!

Last but not least, and possibly most exciting of all (for us at least), we went and bought a blooming' house, didn't we! The past few months have been full of small home renovation tweaks, pinterest mood boards and endless clicks through to H&M's homeware pages, my new love. 

Now all that's covered, I just want to say quick thank you if you've stuck with me on this little ole space. It means a lot. Let's crack on... 

Much love, 
L x 
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