Sunday, 27 September 2015

Wild Flowers & Pink Flamingos

 Somehow September has managed to sneak right past me before I've even had a chance to acknowledge its existence. How did that happen? This past month, has been filled with mini adventures, belated birthdays, family, friends and a downright busy workload that has seen me seek sleepy hibernation most evenings. Nevertheless, there have been a few spare moments for peace and tranquility, today being one of them, so I'm going to try and catch up a little!
 Having lived in Northamptonshire most of my life, I'm quite surprised that I'd never visited Coton Manor House before. No amount of pictures does this place justice. A stunningly beautiful 17th century house (owned by an older couple and maintained by a very small team of helpers, the cutest), it boasts the most charming English country gardens I've ever seen. Landscaped across different levels, it has a real Alice in Wonderland feel to it with windy paths and hedges leading to a variety of ponds, statues, herb gardens, horse fields, and fairy-style stepping stones to little unique areas of beauty.
 If you're not 100% sold on old English buildings and acres of carefully curated landscapes, it's worth visiting just to see the pink flamingos that sassily strolled around the lakes, completely unbothered by the groups of guests getting close to take pictures. Beyond the confines of the garden, you'll find meadows full of wildflowers and a magical bluebell wood, which I was so excited to see until I realised it was out of season (green-fingered I am not), but it still looked pretty impressive with its inclining vast, rows of super-tall trees.
It's definitely worth a trip if you're in the area, or would just like to experience a quintessential English period-drama style garden. Alternatively, if you ever fancy an alternative English garden experience (lets say realistic), mine and James' garden comes with over-grown flowerbeds and frogs... just bring biscuits ;)

Much love,
L x
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