Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A trip to the Ballet

Ever since I was a little girl, I have absolutely adored ballet. As an adult I am on a continual quest for an ballet class within a reasonable distance and suitable enough for my (lack of) experience, whilst simultaneously pestering my twirling dance adept friend Rac to impart her skill & wisdom upon me. Girl's gotta have a dream, right. As part of my birthday this year, James managed to blag us some tickets to see Romeo & Juliet at the Royal Opera House. As expected, everything from the dancers, the costumes and the live orchestra was just phenomenal. It was actually a real treat to the senses, which sounds weird to say, and is definitely something that I didn't expect but there was so much going on, it required quite a lot of concentration throughout.  I found the first 10 minutes quite hard to keep up with - partly because I'm so accustomed to relying on dialogue to tell a story, and partly because I forgot my glasses - but after that it was impossible not get to get absorbed in the narrative, and I just loved it. If you get the chance, go and see it before the end of its run!

That evening, we stayed in a beautiful apartment in Golders Green, booked through AirBnB. the decor was stunning, it was dead easy to get into central  London on the Northern line, and the neighbourhood was a dream; so quiet with a host of nice delis & coffee shop and super close to a waitrose and a nice M&S food court, which made picking up some dinner in a rush nice & easy. We could not complain. A perfect mid-week retreat.

Much love,
L x
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