Sunday, 16 August 2015

Style // Mustard Suede + Denim

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely old time so far? This has been one of my favourite kind of weekends; making lots of yummy homemade food (I tried out Deliciously Ella's Roots Kale Sushi Rolls, which were incredible), BBQ-ing with buds, bike rides and visits to the park. Perhaps, the most exciting development of the weekend was that as of Friday, I am pleased to say that I have acquired my very own chauffeur! Don't worry, I'm not getting all Mariah on you, but the boy has passed his driving test (better late than never!) wahay! We're now sharing my darling little Betsy Bug Beetle, which means I'm taking a temporary hiatus as Chief driver... at least until J gets all his JUST PASSED AND I WANT TO DRIVE ALL THE TIME enthusiasm out of his system ;) I'm super proud of him for nailing it first time after only twenty lessons... jammy git. 
We're now halfway through August and I loathe to say it but is it just or has anyone else noticed the teeniest hint of Autumn beginning to creep it's way in? The sun's still making a daily appearance, so for the time being I'm persevering with the sandals (which only came out last week) and adding an accent of colour in my daily ensembles, (this mustard suede jacket by misguided is forever on my back at the moment) but there's an acute chill to the air that already has me grabbing for my chunky knits in the evening.
I have been on a hunt for the perfect pair of 'mom' jeans for so, so long. After a decade of loyalty to the super-skinny jean silhouette, I can now say that I'm 95% over it. I was just about to write that it does come with a little bit of sadness (mirroring the demise of my youthful indie-days) but in fact, I don't think I've committed to ANYTHING, sartorially or otherwise, for that ridiculous length of time, so in fact, skinnies, you've well and truly had your day. That said, it's taken me a long time to get round to purchasing a new denim silhouette. I've fell so in love with the beautiful, tailored cigarette pant over the the past couple of years, that matching that fit in denim was proving to be a little bit difficult, but I'm really happy with my first pair of Monki 'Kimono' jeans, that I picked up last week. And guess what... the denim is actually denim, and not that suspect, stretchy jegging-constuction that seems to have replaced my previous favourite high-street shapes over the past couple of years. For the time being at least, Monki's offering seems to be the one.

(jeans: monki, jacket: misguided, sandals, asos)

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