Sunday, 23 August 2015

A perfect (lazy) Sunday...

Sundays have always been sofa days. However, these days, a lazy Sunday rarely entails myself (and a couple of friends) listlessly lying around, getting emotional at a rubbish film and feasting on any kind of vitamin C whilst waiting for a hangover to pass. These days my favourite kind of Sundays begin feeling fresh, without any pre-made plans and usually involving a lot of good food. A full, free day to fill with impromptu activities that restores the mind with contentment, and overrides any of that 'end of the weekend' blues. Last Sunday was an example of one of those days.
Something weird has happened over the past year. I've turned into an early-riser. I think it has something to do with having sky-lights in my bedroom, and getting more in-tune with the moon and stars. That sounds horrifically hippy-ish, but regardless, some kind of witchcraft occurred, and thankfully the only side-effect appears to be that I wake up at exactly 7am everyday of the week, including weekends, where I'll gladly go back to sleep for another hour or so, before rousing somewhere around 9am. The day officially starts with caffeine, always , and at the weekend,  I'll usually indulge in one of these Whittard Black Leaf teas, that my friend Carla kindly surprised me with for Christmas. They taste amazing, and the tins are ridiculously cute.
I used to struggle in the mornings as I never felt quite ready for breakfast, but recently I've been making an effort to either grab some fruity muesli or porridge. This blueberry, passionfruit porridge with a swirl of honey has been the star of this week.
We've only just discovered that we have THIS PLACE on our doorstep and it is probably my most exciting discovery of the month to date. It reminded me of the excitement I felt walking through the doors of Whole Foods in America last year. We managed to restrain ourselves somewhat, keeping our baskets limited to some freshly squeezed OJ and fruit and veg for the week. I even left the pistachio ice-cream there, which I am mildly regretting.
On the way back, I dropped off the shopping (and a James) and headed out for another little cycle as it was such a beautiful morning and exercise makes you feel great and all that. After moving to a new town last year, cycling has been without a doubt, the best way to explore. Deciding to head out without readily knowing where I'm going, and stumbling across new little gems has been super. Which is just as well, as I haven't been able to get my car back from James since passing his test.
Afternoon rolls round and James will usually be making some noise in the studio, so I'll use the opportunity to retreat to my little space (which has just had an incredible writing bureau upgrade this week, eee), to write, draw and organise my life (Virgo, obvs).
We have got weelllll into Sunday roast-making lately. It all started after making Christmas dinner for both of our parents. SO good and definitely the most instrumental part of a perfect, Sunday.
Finishing with a candlelit bath with a and I'm smiling through to Monday... hope you all have a lovely one, friends.

Much love,
L x

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