Thursday, 12 June 2014

Novella on... Getting Lucky!

Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about getting down to it.. at least not today ;-)

Instead, I'm going to crack open the can of Things that niggle Lauren (dangerous, I know), to try and understand my unease with the word: luck.

Luck is, by its very nature, arbitrary. It's generally considered to be a good thing. And, for the most part, I would agree with that.

Of course, no-one wants to be considered unlucky.

The term, "you're so lucky" gets banded across social media; so frequently; directed at everyone from celebs & successful bloggers, to my buds, and occasionally, myself. I'm certain that 95% of the time, the phrase is used with genuine good, well-wishing intentions, but at the same time, I just can't shake the feeling of discomfort it gives me.

And so, I'm going to try and deal with it the only way my Virgo-brain knows how: by dissecting and analysing. So here goes...

To me, winning a six-figure sum on a lottery is pretty lucky.

Or, lets just say you trip and fall into a puddle walking to a big-deal job interview, and the moment before you start to wail and huff, Hedi Slimane drives past, noticing your distress, offers to dress you in head-to-toe Saint Laurent which he just happens to have in your size, whilst showering you with motivational words of wisdom. Now that my friends, is what I would have no problem with calling 'super luck'. A set of fortuitous coincidences that just so happen to turn your day around.

In both cases, it would involve scoring the jackpot on such a highly improbable situation.

For the most part, this past 12 months has been good to me. There's a whole lot to feel grateful for. There's also been some seriously shit things that have happened this year. Events that I wouldn't bring up on social media. Not least because it's not always my story to tell. 

We all get it. We all get knocked sideways from time to time or a case of the blues now and again, but in general, things are going, suspiciously AOK. I say suspiciously... as the eternal cynic, I'm continually surprised & sceptical when things go well. I've got my dubious squint eyes on right now. I guess some could say: I'm a lucky lady. 

On the other hand, when used to describe an ACTUAL DAY-TO-DAY ACHIEVEMENT, doesn't anyone else feel that being called "lucky" feel like a bit of a back-handed compliment? Not only does it disregard any hard work or initial groundwork put in to make this happen, but it also seems to suggest that individual perseverance & personality is devoid too. And that seems quite sad.

To me, Lucky lives in a world where Disney Princesses are randomly plucked from injustice to live in a castle and live their happily ever after... did Cinderella have to endure a 3 year university course on how to be a the perfect Princess before she landed that highly exclusive role? Nope. Just a bippity-boppity BOOM: a swizzle of magic and she's sorted for life. Lucky bitch. (Note: No hard feeling towards Cinders, I love that gal).

Instead, real life is never like that... and, thank god it isn't. The only way to properly acknowledge how great things are going, is being acutely aware of how strenuous things have been previously and appreciate all the little milestones along the way. To know that those theatrical moments of despairing "Why's?" and grunts of  "Urgh", had some kind of purpose and role in the end goal, for better or worse. I think anyway.

Perhaps, it's narcissistic to say so, but if presented with an opportunity, I don't want feel like I've "got lucky" (... unless, Daft Punk is involved), I want to earn it. Who wants to put their efforts in to something, only for it to be dismissed as a wonderful but ultimately capricious bit of luck? Maybe, just maybe, I'm being melodramatic - I'm an over thinker who watches too much Woody Allen, so it's highly likely. 

Most importantly, I like the kick-up-the-bum it gives me to know that I actually have to put in a bit of effort to get shit done and as someone with all of the feels, the thought of sitting around, waiting for a little bit of luck to arrive on my doorstep is mighty depressing.

Whether it's obtaining a job that allows you to travel the world, noticing that a project you're working on is growing step-by-step,  or just knowing that you've got a great set of pals who are all on the same mental wavelength, everyone's got something that they can shout about. And so, in my continuing quest to become a better all-round female, I for one, am going to try to make a conscious effort, to celebrate & focus on the efforts behind the "luck"... and marvel at how much of a lucky swine I am that I'm surrounded by such talented, incredible people ;) It's time to go and kill-it girls!

Much love,
L x

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