Sunday, 4 May 2014

Style // Cullottes

Two years ago, if anyone had asked me to consider wearing anything with a hemline shorter than the knee, there would have been an almighty crack of thunder, lightning would have filled the sky and my face would have frozen in a moment of horror. Back then, in the height of a steamy love affair with sixties mini-dresses, it's fair to say, short hemlines was my (one & only) game. These days, I am more than open to longer length attire. I eased myself in gently with the aid of a few seventies style, midi dresses and found myself strangely at ease with this new calf-skimming fancy. 

Despite that, without supermodel height, braving the recent culottes trend felt like a whole different ball game. I've never been shy of borrowing some style inspo from the Victorian school boy, but long shorts on my 5'4 frame... I was nervous.

I had read somewhere, not so long ago that the culotte was a distinctly feminist item, which I liked. Anything that upped the girl power ante & promoted our wonderful sisterhood, had to be a good thing right. Still it wasn't until my friend Samantha pointed out this floral pair by New Look, and shouted at me to try them that I did.  

Findings of the culotte wearing trial: They look quite cute. I feel particularly girly & elegant in the longer length & swooshy fabric; they're practical too, unlike the midi skirt, there is no potential danger of exposing my knickers in an unexpected and oh so common gust of British wind. Super comfy, because lets face it for daily life, skinny jeans are restrictive, skirts require constant pulling & tugging, and now that I'm 25, butt-skimming denim shorts are only an option if the temperature hits 30 degrees or I move to California.

What I enjoyed the most about the ballsy culotte however, was the unexpected Annie Hall-style confidence that comes with taking something androgynous & making it work for the female silhouette. It seems that last point is less of a practical challenge than it is about adapting mental attitude. YES, I am a short-arsed lady-being wearing what is essentially 3/4 style baggy shorts for the sake of fashion, DEAL WITH IT WORLD. So if done correctly, it can be somewhat empowering. 

When it comes to this outfit, the only thing I would say is, I'd be careful with the culotte/shoe combination. When styling for this piece, my mind was on creating a fun, alternative going out look, but looking back now I would team them with a dainty pair of heeled sandals, to expose the ankle or maybe some trainers and a structured crop top for kicking about at work. My point: ignore my footwear.

So, to summarise this exploration into the Big Culotte debate, I can conclude... that I am of course, wildly over-thinking the matter. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed my time swaying around the house in them, so yes,  I'm in for Spring!

Much love,
L x
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