Saturday, 30 November 2013

Style // Le Forêt


Following on from yesterday's post, today I bring you... the photoshoot by the wonderful & super talented Georgie Barr! I'm going to make her blush now but i don't care - go and have a browse her page, her work is amazing! For me, the best part in getting involved in these mini shoots now and again, is getting an insight into the behind the scenes workings of the creatives! So, I thought I'd ask for a few words to give us an insight into her thoughts for the shoot...

Georgie: "I really struggle to pin point where I gather my inspiration from as I am the kind of person that likes to let each shoot go in its own direction. I guess I take a lot of inspiration from my surroundings and let the location of the shoot guide me a bit, which is probably why I choose to shoot on location a lot more than in the studio.


I have always been told I have a very vivid imagination so my mind often runs over a million different ideas.. None of which I ever write down so most gets forgotten..I also very often get a bit carried away and over excited by things... As Lauren may know from be bouncing around the salon when Meg (the MUA) got the glitter out!!

Post-production is a big part of my process.. I love all things vintage and colourful so that is often portrayed in my work.. I don't like to change the images too much.. Just tweek the colours and bits here and there. I love looking through a collection of my work.. It took me a while to really find what I loved doing in life so when I look through my work I get a real sense of pride.. That I have really achieved something."


Thanks G! Don't forget to check out yesterday's post, where I spoke to our lovely hair & make up artists!

Much love,
Lauren xo
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