Sunday, 22 September 2013


me in 2006, aged 17, on my last day of sixth form being some kind of pouty mod-cat hybrid. 

On the 25th August, I turned 25.

That's fine, isn't it!? I mean, sure, my next big birthday is now 30, but that's still 5 years away. And yep, now everything's a lot more serious than my student days, & 70% of the people I went to school with are now married, but 25 is a good age right...RIGHT!?

On the bright side, I don't think I've got many wrinkles yet, and I still get ID'd all the god damn time. Only the other week, I ventured up to the swimming baths, got to the counter, asked for a swim and in return, was asked my age. It took me a good couple of minutes to realise that the lady on reception was asking because she was trying to figure out whether I was under 16 or older. It felt great for a second, then I just felt like she was rubbing it in.

Suddenly, I have to start remembering things that happened in my teenage years by decade: "Oh, hey friend, remember that gig we went to NEARLY A DECADE AGO?"

Even a light-hearted conversation about childhood television, between myself & the 20 year old work intern revealed that we had totally different reference points and thus, reminding me that she is young and I am old.


Don't get me wrong, this year is definitely my most happiest & content. I love my job, my boy and hanging with my friends, now that we're all old enough to skip past any potential drama! I feel so much more confident in myself, my abilities, and even this slightly out-of-proportion body that I've been dealt. I feel like 25 has given me confidence to do things without having to seek reassurance; even down to silly things like, wearing less makeup and getting used to my own face.

I've ticked off a lot on my life to-do list, and still find enough inspiration to create new lists. I've figured out that I'll never feel like I've 'succeeded' but that's probably 'cause I always want to push myself to do more, so that's okay too.

More than that, I like the fact that, at 25 there's been enough life experience to view things objectively, have the balls to eject the negative & make changes for the positive. It's taken me several weeks to sit down & write this post. I haven't really written anything for ages but it's been nice to take the time to quietly assess myself & my life and figure out that, 25 is actually AOK.

For you spring chickens out there, still awaiting the arrival of this wondrous landmark, I have employed the linguistical wisdom of two of my best boy buds to offer one piece of advice about turning this grand old age...

Chris Wallace, 25. 
"Accept the fact that you will now be sharing the workplace and general adult places with people that were born in the mid 90s. Whilst depressing that your knowledge of a time before the internet will make you sound like a dinosaur, embrace it. We are the last generation that used a landline. Thats our thing.

Under no circumstances say "I remember when this was all fields..." because you will want to [say it] and it will happen more often - but don't. To the youth you might as well say that you went fishing with a spear and the clan ate heartily that night."

Jack Stewart, 25. 
"Since turning 25 I've had several startling revelations. I care much more about prices in supermarkets than I ever imagined. If there's a deal on then I want to know about it. Love a bargain. Also, I'm considering buying a cardigan. They're practical aren't they. And they look much snazzier than they did when I was 24. 

I've also realised that life is very quickly slipping away and that I have to make the most of it. If I live to 100, then I've already lived a quarter of my life already. However, I'm more likely to die before 50 so the clock is ticking. Despite this knowledge and the fact that I know I have to make something of myself, I spend most of my days being tired all the time and thinking about bargains and cardigans. 

When we're 18-24 we had the energy to beat the world but we didn't think we had to. Once you hit 25 we understand that things have to change but now we're too damned knackered to do anything about it. It's a cruel twist of fate." 

Me, 25.
Keep those Nirvana and pop-punk CDs from your early teens, they'll be a comfort blanket for those stressful days... a decade later"

Much Love,
L x
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