Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Travel // Edinburgh

I'd been looking forward to exploring the darling city of Edinburgh for quite some time! I'd visited when I was a littl'en - played the tourist, sat on the canons, but I felt I was long overdue a refreshed visit to fully appreciate all it has to offer. So when James nonchalantly mentioned they were going to be supporting tame impala at the picture house (cue: massive girly squeal) it seemed like a better time than any to take a trip up over the border! 

Day 1 was spent catching up with the girls, skilfully navigating our persons & luggage through the excitable crowds that  gathered along the royal mile for the fringe festival - stopping for the odd cup of tea & popping into the various vintage shops that caught our eye on the way up to the castle. The eve, well, was pretty darn amazing & tame impala sounded phenomenal.



Fortunately, James had a few days off post-gig so we were able to really make the most of the trip & gallivant around the city some more, climbing up the monument on Calton hill (until the torrential rain started - thanks Scotland!) and popping into museums & galleries. The best days.

Edinburgh, we love you.

Much love,
Lauren xo
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