Monday, 29 July 2013

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fringed florals
Ahh, Kate Moss for Topshop. Lust worthy collections, that until now had completely evaded my wardrobe. Since their first collaboration in 2007, the majority of the Moss/Topshop pieces were immediate sell outs, and, if I'm being honest, it's this that has always put me off a little bit. I know, I know, as a high street kinda girl, that's just something to be expected across the board but with the Moss collections, they're such immediately iconic pieces that if you wear a Moss to an event, there's a good chance there's gonna be a few other Moss' out that night too! And that my amigos, just ain't gonna do ;)
That said, when I saw this little darling on ebay, all beautiful and slinky and florally and fringy (and, not to mention three years after Kate & Topshop decided to end their design deal), I decided the time was right to make it mine! The embroidered floral details against the simpleness of the rest of the dress are just so pretty, they remind me of the dresses that I oogled the babes from First Aid Kit wearing at a gig last year. And those sleeves....nom. 
Dress - Kate Moss for Topshop via Ebay; Boots - ASOS; Necklace - present. 

Shoe-wise, I went with my navy asos desert boots - currently in the sale! As you may see, they are still incredibly dusty from a venture to Latitude, I'm currently investigating the case of the missing suede brush. How far can it go? It makes me a little nervy when outfits look a bit too pastiche, and I was really not helping myself this day in my excitement at finally being able to do a half decent beehive, so I find that some distressed kicks work well to counteract the pristine vintage-ness of the rest of the outfit.

Excuse my super scowly face this day too - I promise it was it just a bit of bright sunshine in my eyes, I believe I was a happy bunny!

Whatcha'll think? Still feeling the Moss apparel?

Much love,
Lauren xo
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