Sunday, 5 May 2013

Style // Apocalypse Dreams

Chunky chain, feathers AND glitter? When I first set eyes on this necklace I had to convince my brain that it wasn't just a hypnagogic fantasy. It's from Topshop's range but I picked it up on ebay so I'm not sure if its new or old stock, either way, j'adore. By no means a casual necklace, it's a statement piece for summer nights and festival days.

Which is why I'm half expecting to sneak off somewhere soon... I'm soo glad that it has arrived whilst the boy is on tour, it's given me at least a week to wear it before the inevitable plea of, "Lauren... can I please borrow it for the next gig," finds its way into our conversation. I've lost many an item to the same fate; my fur collar and my stone pendant necklace to name but a few! Annoyingly they always look a trillion times better on James so I can't be too mad for too long.
This jewelled cross pendant was a lovely Christmas gift from parents & can regularly be seen draped around my neck at the moment. They also got me an absolutely stunning burgundy and gold Egyptian/tribal style necklace too. Sadly, that cannot be photographed at the minute as that's one of the ones that's on a wonderful adventure around the British Isles with James! I try to save that one for special occasions as its really delicate and I'm so freaking clumsy I know that I'll only get it caught on something and break it!
I'll let you into a little secret with this one. I found it for £1 (yep, just one singular british pound) in the Primark sale. It was one of those, 'this looks hideous nestled against all this other cheap, ostenatious bling but I have a gut feeling that'll it look really nice on' purchases... and to be fair, it's had so much more wear than I thought it would! It's more a bright peach, than an orange so it looks amazing layered over other pastels (like my mint jumper, featured in this post) or over a basic tee.

Talking of jewellery, does anyone have any good recommendations for storing pieces like these? They're far too chunky for my jewelery box and hangers... I normally chuck everything else into a metal paintpot thing I have but that's overflowing now & I like to be able to see what I have or I forget that I have it! All suggestions welcome!

Much love,
Lauren xo
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