Monday, 22 April 2013

Style // Floral Crowns


Bronte Oversized Floral Headband - Rock N Rose 
Floral Organza Dress - Topshop

Oh, I have been an absolute terrible blogger recently, I have so many half-written posts sittin' over here and I just haven't got round to finishing any of them yet! So, the thing is, I have just been offered a new job (hurrah!) and will soon be dipping my toes in to a new role at menswear brand, Realm & Empire, which I am super excited about!! After over three years in my current role, the prospect of being the new girl again is slightly daunting but as they say, change and new adventures are good, yes? So there's been a lot keeping me busy but I'm giving myself a mid-year resolution (kick up the arse) to knuckle down on the Novella front too!
Sunshine has finally made an appearance this week, at long last! Has anyone else found finding something to wear this week particularly hard? It feels like an absolute lifetime since I thought about any kind of warm weather dressing. I'm gonna need a willing accomplice to prise these jumpers off my back. That said, I have been gathering inspos for my S/S wardrobe since last October so getting back into the swing of spring shouldn't be too hard. 

I bought this gorge floral headband from Rock N Rose last year. Both mine and my best bud's birthdays fall on the bank holiday weekend in August so we decided to have a joint shindig with a British Summertime theme! We were thinking, pastel hues, florals... and in true British stylee, mother nature decided help us accessorise with a good old downpour of rain. Spectacular. Glad you were on side, weather gods! 

In a beaut green hue, the headband is made up of seven oversized roses and can be tied with a ribbon so you have the option of wearing it in a festival style bandeau or a-top one's head for a classic headband style. Making your friends call you princess whenever you wear it, optional. With an exclusive range for ASOS now available, it's now even easier to add a cheeky Rock N Rose purchase on to summer orders! Here's a few of my favourites...


1. Rock N Rose Lulu Rose Flower Head Crown in Blue 
2. Rock N Rose Annie Oversized Floral Crown Headband in Pink
3. Rock N Rose exclusive to ASOS Oversized Floral Crown Headband
4. Rock N Rose Pixie Lott Millie Oversized floral headband in Yellow

How utterly amazing are these new colours? Perfect for making a statement at festivals and lazy days in the sun. How do you all feel about floral crowns, will you be adding one to your outfits this summer? 
Much love, 
L xo 

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