Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Book Haul // England, My England

You'll have to excuse me if this post is a little non-coherent, I'm currently sitting in East Mids airport waiting to take off into the sky! Sorry, sunny England (ha!) I'm afraid I'm leaving you behind for a bit! Have been meaning to share a few snaps of some of the literary and musical wonders that we picked up last weekend. Rarely do I venture to the shops at the weekend but if the sun is shining and there's not much else on the agenda, I do enjoy a wander around one of the beautiful, lazy market towns that our darling, little England has to offer... Isn't it funny how it's far easier to romantise a place, once you're leaving it? We grabbed a new disposable camera to use, so I'm hoping they'll develop okay (fingers crossed!) but for now, here's some of the things we purchased...

Aside from the plethora of amazing little coffee shops nestled in backstreet nooks and a beaut old church plonked right in the centre, my favourite place in Market Harborough has to be the oxfam they have there, filled entirely with books and records. S'all you need, right? Safe to say we spent a good while in there, packing our arms with goodies and skim-reading covers. With most items 99p, it would have been rude to come away with nothing!

We found a brand-new Twiggy 'my life in pictures' book, some DH Lawrence (who can resist those  orange-spinned penguin covers?), a nice little copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass and a book detailing the making of Hendrix's Are You Experienced. We also picked up some vinyls; Byrds, Cash & a Mozart, 'cause we liked the covers. James also picked up some old 78 records, in need of a good dusting but pretty splendid nonetheless. All for under £20 too. If the trip wasn't successful enough, we even threw a pizza express lunch into the mix, wild.

I must admit that I find charity shopping a lot more difficult these days. Even when I find something interesting, I find myself thinking, "I'll get it on ebay or amazon at a later date..." which I know takes away half the charm of rummaging for treasures and coming home with a bag full of loot. Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing? Anyway for now, I must venture upwards. See you soon.

Lauren x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lessons of Latitude 2012


My first music fesitval was Reading 2004, a teenage right of passage, an eye-opener, a hell hole. Between the cheap White Lightning, my misguided introduction to (what I thought was) Helium gas and eye-watering festival toilets, I saw someone masterfully hurl a camping stool at 50 Cent and his G-G-G-Unit. It was sublime.

My second festival was a different breed, the first epic seaside pub crawl, plagues by blazers and polka dots, one fuelled by a whole new kettle of fish. I was a wide-eyed eighteen year-old who was too naive to realise sleeping on a sofa where a rat had been found the previous week definitely wasn't cool. However, I did discover the seductive and mind-bending sounds of The Third Bardo, thus beginning my journey into the lysergic and the wonderful - it was the Brighton Great Escape 2006, and one of the best weekends of one's life.

Now, I have a vinyl collection, a healthy level of cycnicism, a disdain for most modern music and abhor anyone resembling myself a decade ago, which, I believe, makes me the ideal festival goer and advice-giver. So here I present to you my lessons of Latitude 2012! Take heed.

#1 - Take excellent company, preferably ones with hipflasks and plenty of laughter.
This time my festival fellows braving the British elements are the babelicious blogger that is Lauren Park, James and Tom, (pre-Temples) when the acidic haze and far-Eastern mysticism were mere twinkles in their kaleidoscopic eyes, and lastly, the quiff, Dick Philips.


#2 - Don’t die before the band gets famous
This road trip is significant, somewhat, historically for Temples because of two reasons. Firstly, we almost died – this is true - if it not for Tom’s quick reflexes and stunt driver skills, we, and the beautiful gold Beetle would have been strewn across the A141 along with the bottle of Southern Belle and vanilla tobacco. Which, I’m sure we all agree, would have been a most disagreeable situation before the first LP. Secondly, we jovially prophesised that the boys will be playing the festival the following year, and, guess what, they indeed are!


#3 – You can take half decent pictures through the windscreen of a 1973 Beetle.
Ignore the cynical cries of ‘don’t waste the film’ and ‘stop being drunk’, what do they know? I’m from the David Hockney School of Photography and I will not be restricted by borders! I’m Eugene Atget reincarnate! I can take pictures that Henri Cartier-Bresson would be proud of... Behold this masterpiece!


#4 – In Vino Veritas
In wine there is truth... and beer, and rum, and whisky. Drink and the world is your oyster. Every festival day is a party day, this muddy field is your theatrical stage and this hipflask will expand your mind wide enough (almost) to stand through tedious bands and comedians that will not be heard of again. Amen.


#5 - You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
Oscar Wilde is right, you know. It’s all about the festival wear. It might be so that the first step to a serious life is a well-tied cravat, but, honestly, if you really want to be taken seriously at a festival buy a moose hat and wear it like a boss (preferably in front of a Biffa bin).


#6 – Do take pictures of you and your friends pretending to be at Monterey Pop Festival.
Okay, so we don’t have The Byrds, no. Otis Redding is dead, sadly. Ravi Shankar can’t be seen on his magic pillow anymore, but that’s no reason to pretend you’re not Patti Boyd and George Harrison walking between stages. Note: You will probably just look cold and miserable walking through a muddy field, but, hey, this is your field of dreams and in your head the sun is always shining.


#7 – Photobomb!!
Check your snaps for unsuspecting photobombers... I promise you will find many... The lurkier the better.


Lastly, and most importantly, be a babe...



Friday, 26 April 2013

Journal // California Dreamin'


Just LOOK at these images of Hendrix with Michelle Phillips & Cass Elliot of The Mamas & the Papas, oh my! I came across them whilst doing a little research for another blog post (coming soon), a wonderful collection of candid snaps. One of those moments that I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for. If time travel into the past ever becomes viable, remind me that I want to go here, please.

Michelle looks utterly sublime as always and just look at all those dreamy, fabrics, prints & textures...even in black & white, so delicious. I threw in the pic of Jimi & Brian Jones too, for the simple reason that it's ridiculously cool. Does anyone know what they were taken for?

Happy Friday, L x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spring Beauty Haul: Bright & Peachy


Welcome to my first, ever beauty post! I'm a complete newbie to this beauty business. I absolutely love reading tips and recommendations on beauty blogs & magazines and trying to emulate that flawless, perfection that seems to grace all y'all faces, but I'm ashamed to say it's just not my forte. Half of it (okay, 99% of it) is just pure laziness, I ought to dedicate some time to trying out different things and perfecting my cat-eye flick instead of sticking with my go-to look and badly executed eyeliner. I was hoping that when I became a grown-up I would just wake up one day with the inherent ability to make myself look like a goddess. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to the case. However, a girl can try & I'm hoping to incite my new relationship with make-up by topping up my bag with spring items! So without further ado, I thought I'd share items from my recent Spring beauty haul...

ONE: It's already a universal favourite but there really is no better time of year to bust out Benefit's high beam complexion enhancer, than now. I always layer a light dusting of powder over my foundation (mac's studio fix fluid, FYI) to keep everything in place throughout the day, so I like to add a teeny bit of this highlighter to stop my face from looking too matte. You only need a little dap on the areas that you want to accentuate to create a lovely, youthful, ethereal kinda glow. As I have exceptionally pale skin, I find that the soft pink tint is flattering rather than jarring, and furthermore, as it's shimmery and not glittery, it's the perfect daily, complexion enhancer!

TWO: Eye shadow is usually something I'd save for a night out but I just love the delicate colours in this NARS trio eyeshadow palette in Ramatuelle. I first turned my attention to this brand after reading the lovely, Hannah's review of their Sheer Glow Foundation over on Cagney & Lace. Containing three harmonising shades; a brightening base colour, a peachy colour pop and a silvery-grey - which will be great for adding a slightly edgier, space-age vibe (what would Bowie do?) for summer nights! As I mentioned before, I am by no means a makeup artist pro but even I managed to blend these shades nicely and the shadow seemed to last all day! Just what you want for humid, summer days!

THREE: I think I'm ready. It's been a struggle and took a monumental amount of will power but I think it's time I ditched my classic go-to red lippy and dabble in a bit of spring, pink loving. I've always been a bit cautious when it comes to pink, again it's the curse of super pale skin, but I'm hoping these Topshop shades change that. First up is 'Whimsical', an almost nude, peachy, pink shade that goes particularly well with paler skin tones & natural-coloured palettes. I'll mostly be using this colour  in the daytime, though I imagine it'll looks equally as amazing, complimenting a sixties style heavy eye/pale lip look! The second shade I went for is 'Ditsy', Topshop's hot coral offering. Bright enough to make an impact, this will look great with a simple tee and denim shorts. The only thing I'd say is that with all Topshop matte shades, a little pre-prep is needed and I usually have to keep applying balm before I wear it to make sure my lips are moisturised or it just doesn't apply well at all. That said, a bit of extra moisturisation never hurt anybody so it wouldn't put me off!

FOUR: Until recently I had been using Benefit's Posie Tint; a vibrant, pink cheek stain. However, for spring, I wanted a smoother, creamier blush so I decided to try Maybelline's Dream Mouse Blush in Peach Satin (20). I've been using it for about a week now and  I think I prefer it! It blends really nicely into the skin, and is quite subtle to begin with, allowing you to build it up to your preferred amount of flush!

FIVE:  I always get excited about new nail shades, especially spring time tones. I haven't actually bought either of these yet but this year I'm thinking of swapping my usual mint colour for a darker, more muted green  and I love this 'Two Finger Salute' shade by Butter London. Whilst I'm on a peach-drive, I thought it would be rude to not invest in the cheekily named, 'Orgasm' shimmer nail polish from NARS.

SIX: As I'm updating my make-up collection, it's only right that my make-up bag gets a brand new look too. I adore the nod to this season's neon trend with this tangerine bag from Topshop. Cute, bright & tropical... now where's my beach holiday at?

Have you tried any of these products, what did you think? What other spring beauty essentials are you stocking up on this year?

Also, let me know what you think of my first beauty post? Eee, I promise I won't cry at constructive criticism... for long ;)

Much love,
L x

Monday, 22 April 2013

Style // Floral Crowns


Bronte Oversized Floral Headband - Rock N Rose 
Floral Organza Dress - Topshop

Oh, I have been an absolute terrible blogger recently, I have so many half-written posts sittin' over here and I just haven't got round to finishing any of them yet! So, the thing is, I have just been offered a new job (hurrah!) and will soon be dipping my toes in to a new role at menswear brand, Realm & Empire, which I am super excited about!! After over three years in my current role, the prospect of being the new girl again is slightly daunting but as they say, change and new adventures are good, yes? So there's been a lot keeping me busy but I'm giving myself a mid-year resolution (kick up the arse) to knuckle down on the Novella front too!
Sunshine has finally made an appearance this week, at long last! Has anyone else found finding something to wear this week particularly hard? It feels like an absolute lifetime since I thought about any kind of warm weather dressing. I'm gonna need a willing accomplice to prise these jumpers off my back. That said, I have been gathering inspos for my S/S wardrobe since last October so getting back into the swing of spring shouldn't be too hard. 

I bought this gorge floral headband from Rock N Rose last year. Both mine and my best bud's birthdays fall on the bank holiday weekend in August so we decided to have a joint shindig with a British Summertime theme! We were thinking, pastel hues, florals... and in true British stylee, mother nature decided help us accessorise with a good old downpour of rain. Spectacular. Glad you were on side, weather gods! 

In a beaut green hue, the headband is made up of seven oversized roses and can be tied with a ribbon so you have the option of wearing it in a festival style bandeau or a-top one's head for a classic headband style. Making your friends call you princess whenever you wear it, optional. With an exclusive range for ASOS now available, it's now even easier to add a cheeky Rock N Rose purchase on to summer orders! Here's a few of my favourites...


1. Rock N Rose Lulu Rose Flower Head Crown in Blue 
2. Rock N Rose Annie Oversized Floral Crown Headband in Pink
3. Rock N Rose exclusive to ASOS Oversized Floral Crown Headband
4. Rock N Rose Pixie Lott Millie Oversized floral headband in Yellow

How utterly amazing are these new colours? Perfect for making a statement at festivals and lazy days in the sun. How do you all feel about floral crowns, will you be adding one to your outfits this summer? 
Much love, 
L xo 


Monday, 15 April 2013

Something in the Air

My oh my, time flies when you're err, trying to squeeze in a little bit of fun to balance out the work and all the trillion, grown up tasks that need to be done in a week! I'm ashamed to say that this little disposable camera had been buried in the depths of my handbag since February. I had a couple of photographs left on it & couldn't find the right (or rather the right 'bright' moment amid these cloudy days) to use it up! Most of these snaps were taken on day trip to Market Harborough (mentioned here) and there's a cheeky Temples pic thrown in, from their recent Ally Pally show. Our meander around Market Harborough was one of those glorious hazy, lazy days; digging for gold in vintage shops and stopping for numerous but absolutely essential tea-breaks in the prettiest of caf├ęs. You know what they say: the higher the Twinings tea intake, the better the day...


Much love,
Lauren xo
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