Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Ultimate Festival Style Wishlist (Part I)

Summer, summer, summer-time! When the Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff tune makes an appearance, y'know that I mean serio-summer business. It maybe snowing, but we're so, so, so close to the breaking on through into spring now; festival lineups are being announced left, right and centre, and everyone is excitedly talking about which field they'll be dancing around in, throughout the next couple of months. Getting a little caught up in pre-festie fever myself, I decided it was high time to create a dream festival style wishlist, so here goes...

THE SHOWPIECES: I'm gonna start with the fun bits. Festivals are the best place in the world to showcase your most ostentatious, show-stopping pieces. A place where the rule book is thrown out the window and doubts as to whether something is appropriate are nonexistent  After all, if you can't wear it to a festival, where can you?

(One) Confession time: I've been checking out this pair of flamboyant Janis Bells from Novella Royale for over a year. As yet, I would not have the balls (or the occasion) to wear them. In my dream festival world, or perhaps somewhere hot like SXSW, these would be top of my list.

(Two) I need, need, neeeeed (are you hearing me world?) a super sparkly, amazingly special strappy playsuit in my life. Ever since I spotted this editorial snap on pinterest, I have officially began hunting for something of a similar vein. In reality, I'm never gonna bare that much flesh so I'd most likely layer it over a boy-fit tee and tights.

(Three) It's no secret that I love a good collar, I've always been fond of adding a little extra something  to the neckline! Whilst, detactchable fur collars work in the winter, summer festivals calls for tribal inspired prints in eye-catching neons. I'm thinking Elizabethan meets disco. You're all on my wavelength, right?
DENIM: Originally designed for cowboys, there's no arguing that denim is the king of the outdoors attire. I adore my denim vintage, busted up and reworked. (Four) Last year, my denim playsuit was a dark horse in my festival wardrobe. Thrown in my bag as a last resort, it became my favourite outfit of the weekend teamed with a long sleeve tee, over-the-knee socks and a cape for when it got a bit chilly.

(Five) When it comes to shorts, ebay has a great selection of vintage levis, just waiting to be reworked, or, if you're after something already customised, check out urban outfitters for these lace trimmed beauts.

FOOTWEAR: Wellies are always a must in this Isle. The rain will be torrential for the first day at least, just to ensure that the ground remains like a mud bath for the rest of the weekend. A trusty pair of hunters have been there for me over the past few years. (Six) This year, and apparently with Ziggy Stardust on the brain, I've went for something a bit different. When the times comes to bust out these glittery, Chelsea boots wellies, I'll be a very happy girl! Fun wellington fact: I'm just back from Ireland and I was told they call them Water Boots over there, which I much prefer.

(Seven) Ditch your plain socks in exchange for some fun, printed ankle socks, Topshop have a pretty banging collection at the moment. (Eight) Similarly, if you're living in wellies, it's always good to have a selection of knee-high socks to hand. I'd like to say that it's predominately a style choice, but these days I am all about the warmth.

Check out part II tomorrow where I'll longing after cosy, festival warm things, prints & textures and accessories!

Feel free to share your dream or essential festival bits below, would love to see what you're looking at too!

Much love,
L x
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