Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Ultimate Festival Style Wishlist (Part II)

So, as promised, here's the second part of my ultimate festival fashion wishlist! After going over my inspirations for special showpieces, festival denims and footwear in part one, today I'm looking at pieces to keep you warm, wonderful textures and prints to play with and accessories! Essentially, this is an excuse for me to gather up all the things I've been eyeing up since the S/S collections have rolled out.
WARMERS: We've been bowing down and saying our prayers to the sun gods ahead of this summer's festivities. However, we all know that no matter how glorious the days are, the nights are always bloomin' freezing. (Nine) For the perfect balance between being super snug, whilst still retaining that free-spirited boho vibe, I adore this fringed kimono cardigan from ASOS. Chuck it on over anything for the cooler evenings. (Ten) Okay, whilst you probably don't need a blanket quite this pretty for a festival, if you can find a fun, printed sleeping bag or blanket, it'll certainly brighten up the whole sleeping in a tent situation, fo'sure.
PRINTS & TEXTURES: The best bit! There's no better time than a festival for playing around clashing prints and juxtaposing textures. (Eleven) These are some of my favourite looks that have been floating around on pinterest. Luckily, the high street is doing a pretty spectacular job of things itself at the moment. I'm can't express enough how much I love these lace/crochet/embellished combos. Mixing 70s shapes and ideas with tribal detailing, it'd be the simplest thing to thrown on with shorts to create the biggest, festival statement look. If you're a fan of authentic 70s styling, head over to Novella Royale. Just how amazing is this printed top/shirt pairing (pictured: bottom left).
ACCESSORIES: Again it's time to look back to our mid-century idols and have fun with extravagant adornments. (Twelve) Sunglasses are having a moment right now aren't they? Take heed from this glamorous, glittery, 50s style pair from Miu Miu and go bold with your eye candy! I can't wait to get more wear out of this pair. (Thirteen) I'm obsessed with fringing at the moment, which it's great as it's everywhere. I'm going to be searching on ebay to see if I can find a reasonably priced, Moroccan handbag. The quality looks amazing so it'll be sure to last for years to come. (Fourteen) Dahlia have just launched a wonderful collection of jewellery and accessories as part of their S/S 13, which includes this stunning gold toned, stone pendant. Layer over a plain tee, stick on a fedora, party. (Fifteen) Last but by no means least, glitter, glitter, glitter up! Who doesn't wanna look like a crazy glitterball, whilst dancing around in the sun?

Hope you enjoyed this mini feature, don't forget to check out part I if you missed it yesterday, or link me up with your own festival wishlists! Would love to see them!

Have a fun bank holiday weekend.
Much love,
L x

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

We can make the 7.15 show if we run? My treat.

It's here! Please excuse me whilst, I interrupt my current festival feature to bring you Prada's latest Candy advert; a sensational collaboration with film-making dream team, Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, Lea Seydoux plays the irresistibly charming, Candy in the short film (segmented in to three chapters), which captures a humorous romantic tussle between the heroine and two gents. Set against the backdrop of a Utopian Paris, the style is true to the film-makers with stunning vintage aesthetics, unexpected character regression and not to mention, those Wes Anderson camera shots. Delicious. Big Love!


The Ultimate Festival Style Wishlist (Part I)

Summer, summer, summer-time! When the Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff tune makes an appearance, y'know that I mean serio-summer business. It maybe snowing, but we're so, so, so close to the breaking on through into spring now; festival lineups are being announced left, right and centre, and everyone is excitedly talking about which field they'll be dancing around in, throughout the next couple of months. Getting a little caught up in pre-festie fever myself, I decided it was high time to create a dream festival style wishlist, so here goes...

THE SHOWPIECES: I'm gonna start with the fun bits. Festivals are the best place in the world to showcase your most ostentatious, show-stopping pieces. A place where the rule book is thrown out the window and doubts as to whether something is appropriate are nonexistent  After all, if you can't wear it to a festival, where can you?

(One) Confession time: I've been checking out this pair of flamboyant Janis Bells from Novella Royale for over a year. As yet, I would not have the balls (or the occasion) to wear them. In my dream festival world, or perhaps somewhere hot like SXSW, these would be top of my list.

(Two) I need, need, neeeeed (are you hearing me world?) a super sparkly, amazingly special strappy playsuit in my life. Ever since I spotted this editorial snap on pinterest, I have officially began hunting for something of a similar vein. In reality, I'm never gonna bare that much flesh so I'd most likely layer it over a boy-fit tee and tights.

(Three) It's no secret that I love a good collar, I've always been fond of adding a little extra something  to the neckline! Whilst, detactchable fur collars work in the winter, summer festivals calls for tribal inspired prints in eye-catching neons. I'm thinking Elizabethan meets disco. You're all on my wavelength, right?
DENIM: Originally designed for cowboys, there's no arguing that denim is the king of the outdoors attire. I adore my denim vintage, busted up and reworked. (Four) Last year, my denim playsuit was a dark horse in my festival wardrobe. Thrown in my bag as a last resort, it became my favourite outfit of the weekend teamed with a long sleeve tee, over-the-knee socks and a cape for when it got a bit chilly.

(Five) When it comes to shorts, ebay has a great selection of vintage levis, just waiting to be reworked, or, if you're after something already customised, check out urban outfitters for these lace trimmed beauts.

FOOTWEAR: Wellies are always a must in this Isle. The rain will be torrential for the first day at least, just to ensure that the ground remains like a mud bath for the rest of the weekend. A trusty pair of hunters have been there for me over the past few years. (Six) This year, and apparently with Ziggy Stardust on the brain, I've went for something a bit different. When the times comes to bust out these glittery, Chelsea boots wellies, I'll be a very happy girl! Fun wellington fact: I'm just back from Ireland and I was told they call them Water Boots over there, which I much prefer.

(Seven) Ditch your plain socks in exchange for some fun, printed ankle socks, Topshop have a pretty banging collection at the moment. (Eight) Similarly, if you're living in wellies, it's always good to have a selection of knee-high socks to hand. I'd like to say that it's predominately a style choice, but these days I am all about the warmth.

Check out part II tomorrow where I'll longing after cosy, festival warm things, prints & textures and accessories!

Feel free to share your dream or essential festival bits below, would love to see what you're looking at too!

Much love,
L x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Style // Breton Stripes

march_stripes_1 copy

Ah, the striped tee.

Unlike, many of fashion fads that have waltzed in and out of my life over the years (the studded belts that had lost most of their studs by 2002, the converse that made their way into the battered and unworn pile in 2005...) the striped tee has remained my loyal companion since the beginnings of my stylish times.

For a perfectly put together yet effortless look, nothing can beat the timelessness of a simple, breton striped tee, teamed with a loyal pair of skinnies and a girl's trusty loafers. A tousle of the hair and a slick of red lippy later and it's the most 'done' I can look for the day without making any effort whatsoever. My holy grail of daily dressing. Hardly an innovative attempt at a fashion renaissance, but it just works, everytime.


The sheer amount of striped tees I own is a little embarrassing: long sleeved; short sleeved, thick stripes, thin stripes, stripes I have pinched from the boy. It's never enough. I admit, aesthetically, the difference between them all in minimal. A stripe is always going to be a stripe, isn't it.

Nevertheless, with this season's monochrome looks currently replacing the usual sunshiny brights of Spring (quite literally it seems, with yet another week of snow) I thought that one stripy purchase was necessary... for new trend's sake ;)


I'm completely in love with this top from Olive Clothing's basics range. It's more a light sweater than a tee, the fit is slouchy yet feminine, and it's super soft material means that I'm finding it difficult to prise off my back. Also, priced at an extremely economical, £9 it's well worth snapping up one or two to take you into the throes of summer. I'm eyeing up the yellow stripes!


Just a quick heads up to all you avid stripe and pizza lovers out there: think twice before wearing black & white stripes before heading to your local pizza express.You'll definitely look like you work there and will sit anxiously waiting for someone to ask if they can have more chili flakes on their Leggera.

What's your daily go-to item?

Playing: The White Stripes - Apple Blossom
Eating: Anything but pizza express
Loving: Bathrooms adorned with striped wallpaper and ostentatious art!

Much love,
L xo

Friday, 8 March 2013

Style // Boucle, Mint & Peach


Thinking about it, today probably isn't the best day to shout about how happy I am that Spring is just around the corner. The day seems to have wrongly accessorised with a not-so beautiful layer of fog. Oh well, all the better for making our colourful, floral attire, pop isn't it!

I've ditched the fur coat this week (cya, you'll be missed my friend!) and instead, opted for some springtime pieces. I'm a bit obsessed with textures at the moment. I've been looking for the perfect boucle skirt for absolutely ages, ever since I saw (and sadly, missed out on) those absolutely dreamy, sixties style co-ord skirt suits from Topshop. I do work in Marketing, that gives me extra permission to swan around in sixties silhouettes pretending I'm in Mad Men, doesn't it? One day, I might even pull it off if I work on my sass and stop falling over my own feet.

This skirt is a H&M gem, light grey in colour and literally works with everything. You can't quite see it in these pics but I adore the lush, leather pocket detailing.

During the very same H&M loot scoop, I picked up this black fedora... admittedly, so I can be even lazier with my hair than I already am. I'm trying to cut down on heat damage by letting my hair dry naturally and refraining from using hair dryers or straighteners. Unless, of course, it dries completely mental, in which case, I tidy it up a bit for the sake of looking like a sane person. I've actually been pleasantly surprised with what a difference it's made to the condition already. I like a bit of volume and bounce anyway and the Aussie Long Hair range seems to be doing wonders in keeping it silky smooth without the aid of straighteners.

The mint jumper was another H&M purchase, bought last summer. The material is quite waxy to touch but it's super comfy and the fit is perfect - long enough to slouch over jeans but looks just as good tucked into skirts or shorts. It's quite thin so it works right throughout our breezy, British summertime too. I added a bold, statement necklace in peach to finish off the look.

Thought I'd try my luck & see if I could get away with the double tweed look by adding James' blazer. It's a much-loved, vintage number, that's lived in a few homes but is now perfectly, content in my wardrobe. Tell me it isn't quite as bad as double denim?

Travelling again very early tomorrow morning so I best get some shut eye.

Hope you all have a blast this weekend, lovers.
Lauren xo

Playlist // Girl Gang

Happy International Women's Day, girlies! Are you all hangin' out, celebrating all things girl power whilst dancing around to the Spice Girls? It's pretty good to be a girl sometimes.

After a particularly hard week, I felt like I needed a boost of the ole girl power thing (why have they not bottled that shiz up yet?), so I called upon my fellow tweet-buds to suggest their fave female-empowering tunes for a playlist. It did good. However, as you may have seen in my last post, with all the flying in and out of the country, I completely forgot to actually put the playlist together. Today seemed like a better day than any. I also thought it was an excellent excuse to make a collage... cause y'know I hadn't done that since the age of 8. There were loads more choices than this, but here's a few that seemed to inspire a good, healthy dose of female sass and smiles...


I've put together the playlist on youtube, have a listen here:

What's your girl power anthem?

Much love,

ps. youtube didn't seem to like Glenda Collins version of This Little Girl's Gone Rockin - which is outrageous - so I've substituted for Ruth Brown's original.

pps. I was definitely tempted to add Shania Twain's classics, Man, I feel Like a Woman and That Don't Impress me much but I'll let you enjoy those in your own time.
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