Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Things that have cheered me up this week.

Everyone has their bad days. Some days you can suck it up. Sometimes you just have to go with it, wallow for a couple of days and get it out of your system. That's what I was doing last week. Wallowing in a sea of self-pity, listening to The Smiths, dunking chocolate filled donuts in to tubs of Ben & Jerry's. I jest. About the latter at least. Last week was pretty tough, it just seemed like a never-ending week of bad news for my nearest and dearest. It took its toll so I decided to stop, take a breather and indulge in a few, simple things which make a girl happy:

cheery_9cheery_4 copy

First, I bought two total girl-fest books. Amazon, you know a way to a girl's heart. The first of which was 'Rookie'.You might have read here that Tavi's Rookie was one of the first blogs that made it's way on to my bookmark bar. From my first initation in to that wonderful world of teenage-sass, I was hooked. Not much has changed since. When I saw that they'd made a yearbook (a collection of all the best articles, features and photoshoots from the past year), it was a must for the bookshelves. I understand that at the (horrendously, old) age of 24, I'm a whole 5-10 years older than the target demographic, but I just don't care.

Dear Teenage Years,
We were happy once. Thanks for the abandonment.
Bitter always,
Lauren xo

It's just fun to read. Imagine being allowed to read through your older, badass sister's diary. There's loadsa hidden gems within its pages, notably the amazing Dum Dum Girls flexi-disc (how does that even work!?) as well as anecdotes and tips such as "how to do MOD make-up in like five minutes". 

cheery_10 copy
cheery_3 copy
cheery_7 copy

The other book I bought was Eva Rice's new one, The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp. In general, I'm not a huuuge fan (or really any fan at all of chick-lit) and I suppose if we are having to be specific, Rice's novels do fall into that category but it just has something more to it. The first one I read was a copy of The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, borrowed from Rhi whilst we lived in Twee Towers and I absolutely loved it. Set in the fifties with some wickedly ballsy female protagonists, hoping this one will be just as good. Finding out it's set in the sixties has won me over already.

cheery_6 copycheery_5 copy
I also treated myself to a new Lily Flame candle. It's another love that I inherited whilst living in the Towers of Twee. Unpacking boxes when we first moved in, Rhi pulled this out of her suitcase and placed it on the mantelpiece. I can not describe how divine it smells. This one, the bluebell and palma violet scents became our signature house smells. You don't need to burn them long for the smell to distribute, so they last for absolutely ages too. Lit my new one up for the first time yesterday. If Lily Candles did cuddles, they'd probably be the best cuddles in the world.


The perfect remedy for putting a spring back in your step... filling the house with flowers. Spring is a season which requires a constant flow of colourful flowers in the house. Now that that the sunshine's out, I'm officially declaring Spring. Ignore the frost - it doesn't need anymore attention. The beaut addition of valentines roses from my boy was a welcome addition to the cause. Go treat yourself, your friends or your mum.

I'm looking forward to some catch ups with my friends this week too. A dinner date with one of my best girlies is on the agenda for tonight and a whole group of us are heading to watch Adam Buxton's BUG show on Thursday - it's an annual tradition that I'm always stupidly excited about! This indulgence thing is wonderful!

Lauren x
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