Sunday, 3 February 2013

Style // Cigarette Pants


I find the term 'cigarette pants' just seems to roll off the tongue better than 'cigarette trousers'. Either way, watching these tailored, ankle-grazers slink around in a smoke-filled jazz club on Audrey Hepburn's perfect bod' in Funny Face, has only worked to fuel my love for these trousers. Dressed in a seductive shade of noir, with an accompanying turtleneck and pair of loafers, it's my all-time fave Aud-Hep ensemble.


Which is why, it's ridiculous (even to me) that the few pairs I own, had been cast aside in the black hole of my wardrobe. I dug them out again last week and they are MEGA. My favourite's are the black, polka dot pair, which I've been sticking on with a blouse and pair of some desert boots. The deserts are another item on the verge of falling apart, my mother tells me I walk like I wear lead boots, all my heels get a battering.

In a shameful attempt to pretend I have a wardrobe-full of the wondrous YSL Spring collection, I've also taken to wearing them with a loose-fitting sequined blazer and a 60s fedora that I found in a local vintage shop a couple of years ago. It's not quite the same but I reckon it's a good enough try for now...


Anyway, I hope everyones' weekend was joyous and fun! Mine was full of work soirees and a close friend's flat-warming. My head is not thanking me right now. Now as I endeavour to make the remainder of Sunday, as lovely and lazy as I possibly can, I shall leave you with a bit of the darling, Audrey...

ps. I've started adding illustrations to some of my outfit posts, for no other reason than it gives me a good excuse to draw more! What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Much love,
Lauren x
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