Thursday, 7 February 2013

Now playing: Melody's Echo Chamber

Santa very kindly left me a copy of Melody's Echo Chamber's debut album in my stocking at Christmas. I'd caught a few tracks, instantly loved & told myself that I'd resist the urge to listen to the whole album on spotify and wait until I had the real disc in my hands. I love spotify but I do miss the charm of the good ol'days, heading into town at the weekend, picking up an album and excitedly hurrying home to listen to the goodness within! I'm such a sentimental, nostalgia lover/loser.

So on christmas morning, I stuck on the album for our journey from my parents to James' parents house. With Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) by her side at the neu-pysch alter, it wouldn't be unreasonable to coronate Melody Prochet as the new queen of pysch-pop, the album is pretty wonderful. Despite the Parker colloboration, M.E.C offers a subtler, more feminine take on pyschedelia, with each track entwining those glorious, sun-drenched, sixties melodies with unmissable moments of classical-inspired dreaminess and Francoise vocals. 

To top it off, she's even got that whole sixties Parisian, babe look to boot. Girl crushin'. Hoping I get to catch her at a festival this summer! It's probably worth a quick trip to Paris to catch a show too, right? ;) The video's lovely, enjoy! Lemme know what you've been listening to, I'm in need of some inspiration for a new playlist!

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