Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Journal // Winona Forever


Winona's one of those inherently cool beings. I watched Heathers twice last week. To put that into perspective, if I stick a film on in the evening, I will rarely see it through to the end, never mind a second watch. Highly sensational, melodramatic to the point of comedy and driven by teen-angst, I'm all over it. I've had to ban myself from any further watches in case I re-adopt a morose, teen attitude, "What IS your damage, Heather?"

It's your typical hierarchical-centered, high school drama with a twist: a body count to rival most tarantino films. Psst: Does anyone else find the young, badass Christian Slater, ever so slightly easy on the eye? Before his character goes super psycho I should add, I have limits. A couple of them.

Blimey, I'm such a waffler. Winona's early 90s period is still my favourite. It's the voluminous long bob, boyish shapes and banging leathers, not to mention having Johnny Depp draped around her, like the most god damn fine accessory on earth. And it is for thus reason, I have complied a mini wishlist of items to help achieve her faultless, nonchalant, nineties look...


1. Tom Waits Tee - Ebay
2. Oversized Leather Biker Jacket - Topshop Premium
3. Vintage Renewal Levi's 550's Jeans - Urban Outfitters
4. Black Leather Belt - Beyond Retro
5. Chelsea Boots - ASOS

Much Love,

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