Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Book Haul // England, My England

You'll have to excuse me if this post is a little non-coherent, I'm currently sitting in East Mids airport waiting to take off into the sky! Sorry, sunny England (ha!) I'm afraid I'm leaving you behind for a bit! Have been meaning to share a few snaps of some of the literary and musical wonders that we picked up last weekend. Rarely do I venture to the shops at the weekend but if the sun is shining and there's not much else on the agenda, I do enjoy a wander around one of the beautiful, lazy market towns that our darling, little England has to offer... Isn't it funny how it's far easier to romantise a place, once you're leaving it? We grabbed a new disposable camera to use, so I'm hoping they'll develop okay (fingers crossed!) but for now, here's some of the things we purchased...

Aside from the plethora of amazing little coffee shops nestled in backstreet nooks and a beaut old church plonked right in the centre, my favourite place in Market Harborough has to be the oxfam they have there, filled entirely with books and records. S'all you need, right? Safe to say we spent a good while in there, packing our arms with goodies and skim-reading covers. With most items 99p, it would have been rude to come away with nothing!

We found a brand-new Twiggy 'my life in pictures' book, some DH Lawrence (who can resist those  orange-spinned penguin covers?), a nice little copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass and a book detailing the making of Hendrix's Are You Experienced. We also picked up some vinyls; Byrds, Cash & a Mozart, 'cause we liked the covers. James also picked up some old 78 records, in need of a good dusting but pretty splendid nonetheless. All for under £20 too. If the trip wasn't successful enough, we even threw a pizza express lunch into the mix, wild.

I must admit that I find charity shopping a lot more difficult these days. Even when I find something interesting, I find myself thinking, "I'll get it on ebay or amazon at a later date..." which I know takes away half the charm of rummaging for treasures and coming home with a bag full of loot. Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing? Anyway for now, I must venture upwards. See you soon.

Lauren x
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