Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Things that have cheered me up this week.

Everyone has their bad days. Some days you can suck it up. Sometimes you just have to go with it, wallow for a couple of days and get it out of your system. That's what I was doing last week. Wallowing in a sea of self-pity, listening to The Smiths, dunking chocolate filled donuts in to tubs of Ben & Jerry's. I jest. About the latter at least. Last week was pretty tough, it just seemed like a never-ending week of bad news for my nearest and dearest. It took its toll so I decided to stop, take a breather and indulge in a few, simple things which make a girl happy:

cheery_9cheery_4 copy

First, I bought two total girl-fest books. Amazon, you know a way to a girl's heart. The first of which was 'Rookie'.You might have read here that Tavi's Rookie was one of the first blogs that made it's way on to my bookmark bar. From my first initation in to that wonderful world of teenage-sass, I was hooked. Not much has changed since. When I saw that they'd made a yearbook (a collection of all the best articles, features and photoshoots from the past year), it was a must for the bookshelves. I understand that at the (horrendously, old) age of 24, I'm a whole 5-10 years older than the target demographic, but I just don't care.

Dear Teenage Years,
We were happy once. Thanks for the abandonment.
Bitter always,
Lauren xo

It's just fun to read. Imagine being allowed to read through your older, badass sister's diary. There's loadsa hidden gems within its pages, notably the amazing Dum Dum Girls flexi-disc (how does that even work!?) as well as anecdotes and tips such as "how to do MOD make-up in like five minutes". 

cheery_10 copy
cheery_3 copy
cheery_7 copy

The other book I bought was Eva Rice's new one, The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp. In general, I'm not a huuuge fan (or really any fan at all of chick-lit) and I suppose if we are having to be specific, Rice's novels do fall into that category but it just has something more to it. The first one I read was a copy of The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, borrowed from Rhi whilst we lived in Twee Towers and I absolutely loved it. Set in the fifties with some wickedly ballsy female protagonists, hoping this one will be just as good. Finding out it's set in the sixties has won me over already.

cheery_6 copycheery_5 copy
I also treated myself to a new Lily Flame candle. It's another love that I inherited whilst living in the Towers of Twee. Unpacking boxes when we first moved in, Rhi pulled this out of her suitcase and placed it on the mantelpiece. I can not describe how divine it smells. This one, the bluebell and palma violet scents became our signature house smells. You don't need to burn them long for the smell to distribute, so they last for absolutely ages too. Lit my new one up for the first time yesterday. If Lily Candles did cuddles, they'd probably be the best cuddles in the world.


The perfect remedy for putting a spring back in your step... filling the house with flowers. Spring is a season which requires a constant flow of colourful flowers in the house. Now that that the sunshine's out, I'm officially declaring Spring. Ignore the frost - it doesn't need anymore attention. The beaut addition of valentines roses from my boy was a welcome addition to the cause. Go treat yourself, your friends or your mum.

I'm looking forward to some catch ups with my friends this week too. A dinner date with one of my best girlies is on the agenda for tonight and a whole group of us are heading to watch Adam Buxton's BUG show on Thursday - it's an annual tradition that I'm always stupidly excited about! This indulgence thing is wonderful!

Lauren x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Illustrations // We Just Click!


Hand made valentines day cards are the best. What do you think? <3 L x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Journal // Winona Forever


Winona's one of those inherently cool beings. I watched Heathers twice last week. To put that into perspective, if I stick a film on in the evening, I will rarely see it through to the end, never mind a second watch. Highly sensational, melodramatic to the point of comedy and driven by teen-angst, I'm all over it. I've had to ban myself from any further watches in case I re-adopt a morose, teen attitude, "What IS your damage, Heather?"

It's your typical hierarchical-centered, high school drama with a twist: a body count to rival most tarantino films. Psst: Does anyone else find the young, badass Christian Slater, ever so slightly easy on the eye? Before his character goes super psycho I should add, I have limits. A couple of them.

Blimey, I'm such a waffler. Winona's early 90s period is still my favourite. It's the voluminous long bob, boyish shapes and banging leathers, not to mention having Johnny Depp draped around her, like the most god damn fine accessory on earth. And it is for thus reason, I have complied a mini wishlist of items to help achieve her faultless, nonchalant, nineties look...


1. Tom Waits Tee - Ebay
2. Oversized Leather Biker Jacket - Topshop Premium
3. Vintage Renewal Levi's 550's Jeans - Urban Outfitters
4. Black Leather Belt - Beyond Retro
5. Chelsea Boots - ASOS

Much Love,


Friday, 8 February 2013

Stop! Motion! Nails!

It's as if all my wildest dreams came true. Cosmic nail colours combined with stop-motion. Love this little vid to advertise Topshop's new S/S 13 collection. Their 'ashes + fire' shade looks amazing. More please, Toppers!

Much love,

Journal // January 2013


Oops, the first seven days of Feb sneaked on past, didn't they? A bit late in the day, but here's some highlights from January, told through the eyes of instagram!

1. New Year Visuals,  2. Joining the supremes,  3. Sparklers,   4. Bedroom dancing,  5. James from outer space,  6. Happy New Year!!,  7. Vinyl listening,  8&9. Winter walk to the resevoir,  10. Birthday celebrations,  11.  My homie  12. Temples feature in NME,  13.  Goofing,  14. The boy,  15. Amsterdam,  16. James walked to the sky and back,  17. Temples in Mojo,  18. Sparkle sounds,  19. Laughing through old photographs,  20. Dining,  21. Winter attire,  22. Gold, Green & JW Anderson.

You can follow along on insta' here. Happy Feb-days! L x

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Now playing: Melody's Echo Chamber

Santa very kindly left me a copy of Melody's Echo Chamber's debut album in my stocking at Christmas. I'd caught a few tracks, instantly loved & told myself that I'd resist the urge to listen to the whole album on spotify and wait until I had the real disc in my hands. I love spotify but I do miss the charm of the good ol'days, heading into town at the weekend, picking up an album and excitedly hurrying home to listen to the goodness within! I'm such a sentimental, nostalgia lover/loser.

So on christmas morning, I stuck on the album for our journey from my parents to James' parents house. With Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) by her side at the neu-pysch alter, it wouldn't be unreasonable to coronate Melody Prochet as the new queen of pysch-pop, the album is pretty wonderful. Despite the Parker colloboration, M.E.C offers a subtler, more feminine take on pyschedelia, with each track entwining those glorious, sun-drenched, sixties melodies with unmissable moments of classical-inspired dreaminess and Francoise vocals. 

To top it off, she's even got that whole sixties Parisian, babe look to boot. Girl crushin'. Hoping I get to catch her at a festival this summer! It's probably worth a quick trip to Paris to catch a show too, right? ;) The video's lovely, enjoy! Lemme know what you've been listening to, I'm in need of some inspiration for a new playlist!

| Lauren |

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Style // Cigarette Pants


I find the term 'cigarette pants' just seems to roll off the tongue better than 'cigarette trousers'. Either way, watching these tailored, ankle-grazers slink around in a smoke-filled jazz club on Audrey Hepburn's perfect bod' in Funny Face, has only worked to fuel my love for these trousers. Dressed in a seductive shade of noir, with an accompanying turtleneck and pair of loafers, it's my all-time fave Aud-Hep ensemble.


Which is why, it's ridiculous (even to me) that the few pairs I own, had been cast aside in the black hole of my wardrobe. I dug them out again last week and they are MEGA. My favourite's are the black, polka dot pair, which I've been sticking on with a blouse and pair of some desert boots. The deserts are another item on the verge of falling apart, my mother tells me I walk like I wear lead boots, all my heels get a battering.

In a shameful attempt to pretend I have a wardrobe-full of the wondrous YSL Spring collection, I've also taken to wearing them with a loose-fitting sequined blazer and a 60s fedora that I found in a local vintage shop a couple of years ago. It's not quite the same but I reckon it's a good enough try for now...


Anyway, I hope everyones' weekend was joyous and fun! Mine was full of work soirees and a close friend's flat-warming. My head is not thanking me right now. Now as I endeavour to make the remainder of Sunday, as lovely and lazy as I possibly can, I shall leave you with a bit of the darling, Audrey...

ps. I've started adding illustrations to some of my outfit posts, for no other reason than it gives me a good excuse to draw more! What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Much love,
Lauren x
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