Wednesday, 9 January 2013

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Hey! How is everyone out there, bellies all stocked up on mulled wine for the coming year? It's been a while since I've taken the time to put thoughts to blog post, just been so excited to welcome in 2013 (love odd numbers) and I've been all caught up in the glittering, festivities of Christmas! Well that, and the fact that I was presented with a few new pretty journals to start scribbling in so tip-tapping away on a keyboard isn't quite cutting it at the moment. The dreaded moment of taking the Christmas tree down has also seems to have sparked an invigorated interest in all things sparkly and, after eyeballing it for the past month, I was so (sooooo) excited to find this blouse in the dahlia sale. A gorgeous deep khaki green colour with banging tarnished, gold glittered sleeves. Wearing it I feel like David Bowi, so I'm probably going to wear it every single day.
Blouse - Dahlia;  Shorts - Topshop

The shorts made a ostentatious entrance to my wardrobe a couple of months ago. I've since fallen in love with their seductive oxblood hue and managed to unintentionally create a crimson saturated uniform for myself with the aid of a few jewels and accessories.

Aside from the sleeves, another fab thing about this shirt is the ever so subtle way that the shape flares out towards to the bottom... not noticable enough to be cape-like but just enough to allow a girl to swoosh around a bit.
Dahlia, you did good.
now reading: the love letters of great men by ursula doyle 
"ever mine, ever thine, ever ours," beethoven.
Pocketwatch Necklace - Eclectic Eccentricity

If you haven't already checked out EE's collections, do so, now. Scouring vintage markets for treasures and trinkets, they piece together gems and weave in some stories to make the most perfect jewellery. The piece i'm wearing is a fully working pocket watch necklace. It's so beautiful, encased in dark wood  with a visible mechanism on the back (if you're a fan of how things work...) and rose quartz detail on the chain. Pretties up 'owt.

I'm slowly persuading myself to step out of the A/W attire, the other day I immersed myself in a full on ankles-out situ' and wore 3/4 length printed trousers to work. Enjoyed the rebellion against winter. Instantly regretted when it came to popping out for lunch. Whatcha all been wearing to welcome in the new year?

Much love,
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