Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Style // Charity Shop Dungarees

So, some blue velvet dungarees have somehow made their way into my wardrobe. How utterly peculiar! Nothing at all to do with a mini pre-christmas splurge, nope. I'm still not sure how I feel about dungarees in general yet, but that's probably why I like them. You know that feeling when you ask someone what your outfit looks like, they're not sure, so it makes you want to to wear it all the more? I know I'm a little stubborn, but that can't be just me?

Back to dungarees... wearing them, part of me feels like a glorious celebrator of 90s girl power, in a Kingdom where Clarissa (explaining it all) sits on the throne as the ultimate 90s babe. The other part of me feels like I should be auditioning for the stage version of Of Mice and Men. And, I'm not sure I can pull off the Southern Belle look.

For whatever reason, I haven't found the right occassion to wear these blue velvet dunga-dreams yet. They are beautiful and the reason I haven't worn then is probably more because of the weather fuelling a craving for warm things + jeans, rather than dungarees apprehension. After all, they're not my first pair...


The pair above are an old, vintage pair. I found them in Cow, Sheffield and completely fell in love with the colour, pattern and slouchy fit. In a dark navy and muted peach (a formidable colour combo), they look cute in the summer and work as winter florals. They're also falling apart to the point of no repair. Buttons are missing, one of the shoulder straps has fallen off and is vicariously held together with a pin... in fact, it's safe to say my dignity is preserved by an artful arrangement of safety pins. One day I'll get the sewing machine out and give them the rightful repair that they deserve. I teamed them here with a white chiffon and lace blouse and some winter-appropriate deniers. 


Talking of velvet, James found this velvet beaut in a charity shop a couple of months ago. Again in a dark blue tones (...always unintentionally co-ordinating) with lovely, embroidery detailing across the front. I've been trying to steal it for a while. I'm gonna have to sacrifice something that's worth a swap! So, what is the general consensus on dungarees?

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