Thursday, 10 January 2013

Interiors // Kaleidoscope plates

colour code
All images: Anthropologie

If I could marry Anthropologie's homewear collections, I think I probably would. I'd quite happily spent the rest of my life kept at home as a housewife (from looking at the price tag they'd earn enough to keep me), admiring their perfect, exteriors. Just look at their sickeningly, pretty faces! I'm definitely couldn't justify the cost in buying a set of those babes but once we have the rest of the essentials, surely one special treat plate for serving should be on the menu? One thing I have taken away from all this lusting is some pretty spectacular colour combinations. I used the colour code generator app (mentioned in this post) to grab the pantones from the plates and voila, interior inspirations!

Collecting bits and bobs for moving house is fun. We have loads of lovely bits all packed away now - I should really get a medal for my patience in not opening anything, my mum bought me a beautiful tea set for christmas 2011 that's just been sat unopended all this time! Unpacking them all into our new space will feel amazing.

We picked up Jamie Oliver's new 15 min meals book after watching the programme (hooray for January sales)... I'd recommend trying the falafal wraps with grilled veg , the combination of the falafel, sweet peppers, spring onions, picked red cabbage and parsley, mmmmm. Divine. We made it with Tzatziki instead of the chillied cottage cheese, and psst, there's a link to the recipe here.

On the subject, has anyone got any idea about paint that can be used on wooden cooking utensils? Really want to try a version of the painted wooden serving boards that Jamie used in the series -  preferably, without the risk of paint-poisoning! Don't know too much about it myself, what's safe to use or where to get it from...? If anyone has any tips, feel free to give us an email (link on our contact page) or leave a comment, it'd be very much appreciated :) I'll post a DIY up if I manage to figure it out!

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