Thursday, 17 January 2013

Style // Eye Spy Eye Candy

"Ahh, the bright, white light of the snow is blinding thine eyes," said the girl, as a pathetic excuse to whip out her eye gems...


Hey fit sunglasses, I spotted your sibling on pinterest a while ago. Unfortunately, "fit sunglasses on pinterest” was the only information I had to help me find you wondrous, beings (pictured at the top). I decided it would be my quest to locate you. In the beginning the operation appeared futile, the internet was so vast and the clues were minimal.

Eventually a year passed, in which I spent lamenting the notion that I just might never find you.

Then one day, (like, Thursday last week) everything changed. It started with a procrastination fuelled browse on twitter; a headline from River Island about their new season stock, an intrigued click, and then the glorious chorus of birdsong as my eyes feasted on some (pretty similar) spectacles. River Island, I might just kiss you.

You can find everything else I'm eyeing up on the jewellery front, here.

Much love,
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