Sunday, 29 December 2013

Writing Christmas Lists with New Look

Hey there lovelies, 
I hope you all had a super wonderful Christmas! I had great time swapping gifts with family, catching up with friends over mugs of mulled wine, and eating chocolate for breakfast - we're allowed to do that until 1st Jan, right? Taking a step away from festivities for a moment, you may (or may not) have noticed that I've had a brief blogging hiatus in order the get the ball rolling on a few other projects (to be revealed soon!) I hate neglecting this little space for too long but I have an overflowing notepad of ideas that I'll soon be sharing over here, so stay tuned :) 

Back to festivities, I am sooo looking forward to NYE. At present, I have no idea what I shall be wearing but I can guarantee that it will be sparkly and full of sequins! Just before Christmas, the lovely guys over at New Look HQ asked me to create an #alliwant moodboard over on pinterest of all the things I would love to find in my stocking on christmas morning, and you can check it out here! Hit like or leave a comment if you share my love for any of my picks, or let me know in the comments below what you'd have on there!

Till next time. 
L x

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Style // Le Forêt


Following on from yesterday's post, today I bring you... the photoshoot by the wonderful & super talented Georgie Barr! I'm going to make her blush now but i don't care - go and have a browse her page, her work is amazing! For me, the best part in getting involved in these mini shoots now and again, is getting an insight into the behind the scenes workings of the creatives! So, I thought I'd ask for a few words to give us an insight into her thoughts for the shoot...

Georgie: "I really struggle to pin point where I gather my inspiration from as I am the kind of person that likes to let each shoot go in its own direction. I guess I take a lot of inspiration from my surroundings and let the location of the shoot guide me a bit, which is probably why I choose to shoot on location a lot more than in the studio.


I have always been told I have a very vivid imagination so my mind often runs over a million different ideas.. None of which I ever write down so most gets forgotten..I also very often get a bit carried away and over excited by things... As Lauren may know from be bouncing around the salon when Meg (the MUA) got the glitter out!!

Post-production is a big part of my process.. I love all things vintage and colourful so that is often portrayed in my work.. I don't like to change the images too much.. Just tweek the colours and bits here and there. I love looking through a collection of my work.. It took me a while to really find what I loved doing in life so when I look through my work I get a real sense of pride.. That I have really achieved something."


Thanks G! Don't forget to check out yesterday's post, where I spoke to our lovely hair & make up artists!

Much love,
Lauren xo

Friday, 29 November 2013

Le Forêt - The Looks

Look 1
If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that last week, I posted a few images from a recent photoshoot entitled 'Le Forêt!' 

The shoot was a collaboration between photographer Georgie Barr, hair stylist Rac Nutt of Paul Watts Hair and, make up artist Megan Klaire. We also borrowed some stunning headpieces from Lullabellz. You can imagine the excitement it caused in the salon as all five of us girls rummaged through that box of goodies, trying things on! I think some of those gems will be making their on to several christmas lists this year. Myself and the beautiful Nicole, agreed to be their guinea pigs for the day, and I think we were all pretty chuffed with the results! :) 

The shoot consisted of two looks; the first of which was more natural, and the second a little more prepped & primed (read: we went crazy on the colour & glitter). Here I caught up with Rac & Megan, as they explain their inspirations for the shoot...
Look 2 

Rac on Hair: "I'd been thinking of doing a beautiful autumnal hair shoot for a while. So in doing so, I had to create hair to go with the theme. I'm a huge fan of big hair and waves. So I knew this had to be one of the styles. I knew for certain I wanted both models to be the opposite of each other with their hairstyles. Also everybody is raving about braids at the moment so I wanted to get a nice chunky one in there somewhere! With regards to the chains and the crimps, I like to do things that you don't see in every day hair magazines. It's nice to be a bit weird and wonderful sometimes!"

Megan on Makeup: "I was recently inspired by an image I saw in a magazine - Lots of coppers and golds, used in a fall shoot. I decided I wanted to put my own spin on things so I created a matte, highlighted lip and introduced glitter on one of the models. I like the contrast of a natural sheer look with an unnatural lip and glitter eye. I wanted individuality between the two models and tried to display this throughout. Lots of blended metallic, coppers and golds were used to create this 'mood' for the shoot."

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2: the phootshoot & a few words with photographer extraordinaire, Georgie coming this weekend!

Much love,
Lauren xo

Monday, 23 September 2013

Behind The Scenes with Novella

Sometimes, when something pretty falls in your mailbox, you just gotta share it! all of these snaps were taken by my lovely friend gill, whilst making our little blog vid back in the summertime. not being so hot with the camera myself, i absolutely love the charming way which gill has captured aspects of my day & showcased some of my much loved possessions!
on the day of filming, the idea was to give an insight into the different aspects of blogging, from styling outfits and photograph prepping, to illustrating and editing - i hold my hat off to bloggers that write daily, it's an insane amount of work! first we filled the boot of my car with clothes and cameras and set off to a local manor house, with the most beautiful grounds - one of my favourite places to go for an evening walk! you can tell how happy i was there from the cheshire cat grin as seen below.  after that, we stopped by the triangular lodge (featured here), which made a pretty cool backdrop to the vid and then rest of the (stupidly hot) day was spent at my house, refreshing ourselves with ice cold beverages and showing gill through my blogging regime!
it was a pretty awesome day & now i'm so happy i have these lovely pictorial keepsakes too! if you missed the video the first time round, you can find it on my about page

much love, 
lola xo

Sunday, 22 September 2013


me in 2006, aged 17, on my last day of sixth form being some kind of pouty mod-cat hybrid. 

On the 25th August, I turned 25.

That's fine, isn't it!? I mean, sure, my next big birthday is now 30, but that's still 5 years away. And yep, now everything's a lot more serious than my student days, & 70% of the people I went to school with are now married, but 25 is a good age right...RIGHT!?

On the bright side, I don't think I've got many wrinkles yet, and I still get ID'd all the god damn time. Only the other week, I ventured up to the swimming baths, got to the counter, asked for a swim and in return, was asked my age. It took me a good couple of minutes to realise that the lady on reception was asking because she was trying to figure out whether I was under 16 or older. It felt great for a second, then I just felt like she was rubbing it in.

Suddenly, I have to start remembering things that happened in my teenage years by decade: "Oh, hey friend, remember that gig we went to NEARLY A DECADE AGO?"

Even a light-hearted conversation about childhood television, between myself & the 20 year old work intern revealed that we had totally different reference points and thus, reminding me that she is young and I am old.


Don't get me wrong, this year is definitely my most happiest & content. I love my job, my boy and hanging with my friends, now that we're all old enough to skip past any potential drama! I feel so much more confident in myself, my abilities, and even this slightly out-of-proportion body that I've been dealt. I feel like 25 has given me confidence to do things without having to seek reassurance; even down to silly things like, wearing less makeup and getting used to my own face.

I've ticked off a lot on my life to-do list, and still find enough inspiration to create new lists. I've figured out that I'll never feel like I've 'succeeded' but that's probably 'cause I always want to push myself to do more, so that's okay too.

More than that, I like the fact that, at 25 there's been enough life experience to view things objectively, have the balls to eject the negative & make changes for the positive. It's taken me several weeks to sit down & write this post. I haven't really written anything for ages but it's been nice to take the time to quietly assess myself & my life and figure out that, 25 is actually AOK.

For you spring chickens out there, still awaiting the arrival of this wondrous landmark, I have employed the linguistical wisdom of two of my best boy buds to offer one piece of advice about turning this grand old age...

Chris Wallace, 25. 
"Accept the fact that you will now be sharing the workplace and general adult places with people that were born in the mid 90s. Whilst depressing that your knowledge of a time before the internet will make you sound like a dinosaur, embrace it. We are the last generation that used a landline. Thats our thing.

Under no circumstances say "I remember when this was all fields..." because you will want to [say it] and it will happen more often - but don't. To the youth you might as well say that you went fishing with a spear and the clan ate heartily that night."

Jack Stewart, 25. 
"Since turning 25 I've had several startling revelations. I care much more about prices in supermarkets than I ever imagined. If there's a deal on then I want to know about it. Love a bargain. Also, I'm considering buying a cardigan. They're practical aren't they. And they look much snazzier than they did when I was 24. 

I've also realised that life is very quickly slipping away and that I have to make the most of it. If I live to 100, then I've already lived a quarter of my life already. However, I'm more likely to die before 50 so the clock is ticking. Despite this knowledge and the fact that I know I have to make something of myself, I spend most of my days being tired all the time and thinking about bargains and cardigans. 

When we're 18-24 we had the energy to beat the world but we didn't think we had to. Once you hit 25 we understand that things have to change but now we're too damned knackered to do anything about it. It's a cruel twist of fate." 

Me, 25.
Keep those Nirvana and pop-punk CDs from your early teens, they'll be a comfort blanket for those stressful days... a decade later"

Much Love,
L x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Travel // Edinburgh

I'd been looking forward to exploring the darling city of Edinburgh for quite some time! I'd visited when I was a littl'en - played the tourist, sat on the canons, but I felt I was long overdue a refreshed visit to fully appreciate all it has to offer. So when James nonchalantly mentioned they were going to be supporting tame impala at the picture house (cue: massive girly squeal) it seemed like a better time than any to take a trip up over the border! 

Day 1 was spent catching up with the girls, skilfully navigating our persons & luggage through the excitable crowds that  gathered along the royal mile for the fringe festival - stopping for the odd cup of tea & popping into the various vintage shops that caught our eye on the way up to the castle. The eve, well, was pretty darn amazing & tame impala sounded phenomenal.



Fortunately, James had a few days off post-gig so we were able to really make the most of the trip & gallivant around the city some more, climbing up the monument on Calton hill (until the torrential rain started - thanks Scotland!) and popping into museums & galleries. The best days.

Edinburgh, we love you.

Much love,
Lauren xo

Thursday, 29 August 2013

5 mins with... Gillian Sore

Gillian Sore is the artist behind Novella Afterglow's recent foray into the (slightly terrifying) terrain of video. Combining her love of film, fashion & passion for creating beautiful aesthetics, Gill directed & filmed a short introductory film for my blog. Here, I find out a little more about the lady behind the lens...

1. What was your very first camera?
I didn't really start taking an interest in photography until I got to uni. Some friends on my film course would pick up cheap analogue cameras in charity shops and I started doing the same. I can't really remember what the first one was as I picked up quite a few in a short space of time. It might of been my Dominant Camera by German company King. I love the look of the aluminium and leather and the sound of it clicking and whirring, it has a very nice and simple mechanical feel to it. Oh and it takes lovely grainy images too!

image 1

2. What was your first video you made and how did you grow to love photography?
The first video project I took part in was a behind the scenes video for Bury Tomorrow's Her Bones in the Sand Music Promo.

It was my first experience taking part in any camera work and I was told the basic function of the camera I was using and told to go off and do some filming. It was great to have that freedom just to go filming, especially as the location was an old nuclear bunker. I imagine that it must have been a nightmare to edit my footage as I was filming everything and anything over a good few hours.


3. When you're shooting, what is your thought process and at what point do you say, 'I've got it'?
That's a tricky one to answer really. I've usually thought it through a lot before filming so I've either got a mental or physical checklist of what I need. I usually hold a shot that I like for 5 seconds or so to know that I have a good length to cut from in an edit. It's more technical than anything else. If the lightings good, focus is right and what I want is in frame, then it's something I can use, it's that simple really.


4. You studied film at university. Why was obtaining a formal education in film important to you?
It wasn't really. Not at first. I originally studied Performing Arts but after a year and a half of jazz hands and singing lessons I realised it wasn't for me. I was lucky that I was able to change to Film as I had no prior experience in any media studies, the only condition was that I had to start in my first year again, which I was absolutely fine with. I'm so glad I went with my gut and tried something new as I really found my passion.

Looking back, studying at university wasn't really about obtaining a qualification but having the time to really explore what interests you culturally and politically. I often get asked if my degree was just about watching films and yes, that was a part of it. However anyone who's studied media will know that there's a difference between watching a film passively or actively. When you watch actively and really study a film you will completely dissect it, not only as a piece of craftsmanship but for its cultural and political significance.


All images by Gillian Sore. 

5. The big question: digital images or film?
There's always going to be something magical about film for me. The process is just so much fun. Although when it comes to a working medium, digital is much easier so each have their benefits.

6. Working with film day-to-day, how do you stay inspired?
Vimeo's been a great addition to the video community, there some excellent new stuff on there to watch everyday. I think as long as I keep interested in watching new things, I'll keep trying new things myself. Sometimes it wont be a very conscious thing, returning from Berlinale this year gave me a renewed energy and something about my work changed slightly although I'm not sure what.

Check out Gill's Vimeo inspirations pinterest board, here.

Much love,

Monday, 5 August 2013

Style // Future Sailor

future sailor

Denim playsuit & black sequin top both by Topshop; Desert boots by ASOS; Leather backpack by Primark; Metal rim sunglasses by River Island.

I can assure you I fell upon this look quite by accident. After a week in the scorching heat, I was expecting the weather at Latitude to be much of the same, and thus I'd only really packed summer attire; playsuits, shorts, lightweight tees...that kinda thang. However, come Saturday morning, a sneaky breeze had arrived in camp & sprinkly showers made an unwelcome appearance throughout the day, and so 'operation: layering' began. Keen to stay super sparkly, I threw on this black sequin cropped top over my denim playsuit... and voila, the future sailor look was ready to set sail upon the...err, sandy shores of Latitude land. I'll drop the metaphors.

Now playing: Future Sailors - The Mighty Boosh
Now eating: Salmon & Cucumber Sandwiches [in space].

Much love,
Lauren xo

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Short Film by Lola & Gill

Having such talented buds is aiiight. When my friend Gill, a film maker, suggested that we knock our heads together to create a short video for this blog, I jumped at the chance. And so, one super scorching Saturday later, we filled my car with cameras and clothes & set about exploring our hometown to give you a little insight into my blog & interests!

Previously, the thought of vlogging has terrified me, so urm, consider this my timid introduction...! Hope you enjoy!

Novella Afterglow from Gillian Sore on Vimeo.

Watch more of Gill's vids on her vimeo channel or checkout her film blog, Cinematic Spectacles.

Much love,
Lauren xo

Monday, 29 July 2013

Style // Fringed Florals

fringed florals
Ahh, Kate Moss for Topshop. Lust worthy collections, that until now had completely evaded my wardrobe. Since their first collaboration in 2007, the majority of the Moss/Topshop pieces were immediate sell outs, and, if I'm being honest, it's this that has always put me off a little bit. I know, I know, as a high street kinda girl, that's just something to be expected across the board but with the Moss collections, they're such immediately iconic pieces that if you wear a Moss to an event, there's a good chance there's gonna be a few other Moss' out that night too! And that my amigos, just ain't gonna do ;)
That said, when I saw this little darling on ebay, all beautiful and slinky and florally and fringy (and, not to mention three years after Kate & Topshop decided to end their design deal), I decided the time was right to make it mine! The embroidered floral details against the simpleness of the rest of the dress are just so pretty, they remind me of the dresses that I oogled the babes from First Aid Kit wearing at a gig last year. And those sleeves....nom. 
Dress - Kate Moss for Topshop via Ebay; Boots - ASOS; Necklace - present. 

Shoe-wise, I went with my navy asos desert boots - currently in the sale! As you may see, they are still incredibly dusty from a venture to Latitude, I'm currently investigating the case of the missing suede brush. How far can it go? It makes me a little nervy when outfits look a bit too pastiche, and I was really not helping myself this day in my excitement at finally being able to do a half decent beehive, so I find that some distressed kicks work well to counteract the pristine vintage-ness of the rest of the outfit.

Excuse my super scowly face this day too - I promise it was it just a bit of bright sunshine in my eyes, I believe I was a happy bunny!

Whatcha'll think? Still feeling the Moss apparel?

Much love,
Lauren xo

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Glitter is for life, not just for Latitude [... and other things I learnt at festivals this summer]

Latitude is a festival that just keeps on giving. Each year, the the acts get better, the food gets tastier and those life lessons learnt during one glorious weekend just get more poignant. This summer marked my third time at Latitude and here's some things I learnt:

1. Glitter is for life, not just for Latitude

Glitter is great. There’s not much else in the world that brings that instant feeling of elation quite like glitter; it’s the universal symbol of flipping good fun. Much like a mayor might don their jangly necklaces, one must adorn themselves in glitter upon arrival at a festival, just so everyone knows, the festivities are happening RN.

Unfortunately, no amount of glitter experience can ready you for the day that you open up your makeup bag to reveal an unprecedented glitter explosion. The four, carefully packed tubes of rainbow coloured glitter no longer lay in their protective casing and instead, will cover every little thing that you have packed. One week and several washes later, the glitter is still saturating everything. Make up brushes cling on to last sparkly hopes as you resign myself to unrelenting daily questions of, “is that glitter on your face…”

2. Your night at the Guilty Pleasures disco will be the highlight of your weekend, and perhaps, even your life. 

So, it's Friday night, the feeling's just right, headliners are over and you're looking for a good time. You spy the words "guilty pleasures disco" outside the comedy arena and decide to take a wander in. IT WILL BE THE BEST DECISION YOU EVER MAKE. Hours of classic pop whilst a group called 'Sparkle' dance around the stage whilst wearing tennis outfits and Andy Murray masks, confetti falls from the ceiling every half hour and 50 or so giant balloons bounce around the crowd. At some point you'll look deep into your friends eyes are you wind your body down to Shaggy's Mr Bombastic with the mutual realisation that life doesn't get much better.

3. Always consult your boyfriend about what he packing before you arrive.
Or you will pack the same thing. Your boyfriend will then decide to wear it on the same day as you, and you will look like a sleep-deprived Kooples advert gone wrong.

4. Just always take a pop up tent... always. 

Let's cast our minds back to 2012 for a moment. Latitude weekend, the weather was dire, festival goers grumbled as water creeped into their cheap 2 man tents. Meanwhile, James & I lay smug as we'd just purchased a fantastic 4-man, warm and waterproof tent. Fast forward to 2013: I was optimistic that our trusty tent would once again reign supreme... until I found out that James would be joining my friends and I Saturday morning and I'd have to set up this monstrous beast all on my own, after a 3 hour drive down to Southwald, after work, and with daylight quickly disappearing. THANK YOU, friends, you helped a struggling sista out.

5. Kraftwerk crowds are the bomb. 

Because, I mean, just look.

Much love,
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