Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Unfunded Film-Making

I'm a massive fan of well shot films, with some of my favourites from over the last couple of years being 'Moonrise Kingdom', 'Inglorious Basterds' and 'Hugo'. I love the way that an atmosphere can be captured and the way the camera depicts the feel and intensity of a shot. I'm sure many keen film buffs would love the chance to make their own film, or work on set, but the industry is a harsh one, like most creative career paths.

Recently I have been playing around with a couple of cameras and just going to locations just to try out a few ideas. I'm no film maker, I just like playing with camera angles and learning about different ways you can capture things.
To get these cinematic shots that we all desire is hard, there's alot of things that make this so. The camera is of massive importance as is the lens and the lighting. It has occurred to me that the movement of the camera, or in some cases no movement at all, is also paramount .

I went to a location with Tom the other day and shot some bits of footage, which I ended up making into a silly suspense film. It's only short, but I just wanted to piece together shots and see what the outcome would be.

Here is the video...

To make this video I used:

  1. Canon 500D
  2. iPhone
  3. Tech Deck Handboard (as a dolly)
  4. Blue tack
  5. Keyboard Stand
  6. Plank of wood
  7. iMovie

Hope you like.

| James | 

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