Monday, 22 October 2012

Triangles + Treason

After a tried and failed attempt to visit this place a couple of weeks ago, James managed to squeeze in a visit a couple of days later, before taking me last Sunday. Serious dedication, but I'm sure you'll understand why. It's one of the most unusual and fascinating pieces of architecture that we've ever seen and it undoubtedly garners some of the most spectacular secrets of our shire.

For those that love facts, we can confirm that the Triangular Lodge is rather impressively, triangular in shape. One big tetrahedron. This might not seem like a biggie but standing at one of its corners, it's seriously intimidating. The lodge was built in the 1590s by Sir Thomas Tresham, a devout Roman Catholic. With Catholicism illegal during this time, Tresham built this grand, rebellious symbol as an ode to his faith and as a place for secret worship. Later on, the lodge would also become a ground for masterminding the infamous gunpowder plot. Each of the three facets is 33 feet long, has three triangular windows and three Latin texts inscribed around the lodge. Inside, contains three floors and on top, three gargoyles perch in a Gothic-horror fashion. How this avoided mainstream attention and ultimately, avoided being demolished is beyond us. 
triangle_11 triangle_15 triangle_27
Descending into the basement was pretty creepy. With only tiny windows just above ground level, it was really, really dark down there... and freezing cold. We had to use our phones just to light up the space in front of us. In one particular alcove (pictured above), the floor sloped downwards into the ground, away from the building. It's rumoured that this is the start of an underground tunnel that runs from the lodge into Rushton Hall, to accommodate the Catholic brotherhood's schemes of treason. It's also suspected that Thomas' son Francis was the very reason that the gunpowder plot was foiled, when an anonymous letter he wrote fell into the wrong hands. Francis was imprisoned in the Tower of London for his actions.

Would definitely recommend a snoop round if you're in the area. If you know of anywhere that beats this place - let us know!

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