Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sunday Mornin', Praise the Dawnin'

We like our Shire. It's quiet but filled with beauteous nooks of countryside that completely satisfies the English in us. Most of the surrounding villages boast of  moss-drenched cottages, antiquated signage, Alice in Wonderland worthy gardens and idyllic looking teashops. This one is one of our faves. After a hectic week of work and gigs for both of us, we spent last Sunday clearing our heads wandering around, whilst taking pictures of quintessential English things. It was pretty nice.

IMG_4431 IMG_4422IMG_4421 IMG_4423Untitled IMG_4437 IMG_4441IMG_4442 IMG_4443IMG_4436 IMG_4434IMG_4427 Untitled UntitledIMG_4425 IMG_4426IMG_4419
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