Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Style: Spirited Away

Autumn, I love you.  Around mid-September you breezed in to my life, knocking the leaves off of the trees and leaving a rosy glow in my cheeks. Never, did I expect you to bring such a wondrous plethora of fashionable offerings too.

My eyes are aglow with this season’s emphasis on decadent baroque prints, metallics, over the top embellishments, the nod to fine art, bohemian vibes that have travelled in from summer and indulgent earthy tones of forest green and claret red. I’m most excited by the revival of the 90s, over-sized and aged aesthetics and even more reason to hijack pieces from James’ wardrobe to add to a pair of skinnies, chunky soled shoes and clomping ankle boots.

The plummeting temperatures have already kick started my love affair with cosy textures; my faux fur coat has been reclaimed from the depths of the wardrobe and I’m pairing velvet shorts with boucle grains for mismatched harmony.  
With mist-tinted sunglasses, I’m looking forward to wearing winter florals, chunky knits, an abundance of faux fur with an added bite of leather, teamed with tousled hair and wintry, blushed cheeks.

I have been well and truly charmed by the formal, femininity of a sixties inspired boucle co-ord short suit. Usually my style is pretty laidback so not sure if I’ll actually purchase one but they are an absolute delight to the eyes!

The only problem is, there's too much nice around. I've decided to allow myself a few treats for my impeccable savings efforts over the past few months (defies the point, I know). I must have made at least a dozen wish-list baskets and I still haven’t committed to anything! If there’s ever been a season to indulge…
Autumn style inspirations: rich texture, kaleidoscopes, transparency, Bardot, Baroque, opulence, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, tessellations, Bohemia, Marc Bolan, Miu Miu, Modernists, Ziggy Stardust, Kate Moss in the 90s, sensationalism + nonchalance (at once), jewel tones, F. Scott Fitzgerald's, 'Tender is the Night', Chelsea girls and, embellishments. 
svm_2 spirited_away_3
Necklaces James & I bought each other as anniversary gifts. We couldn't decide which one we liked best, so we're sharing...
spirited_away_7 spirited_away_4
I'd been eyeballing this beaded clutch from ASOS for a while, then my Grandma asked me if I would like the above beaut that she was about to get rid of. Yes, yes, yes, please. Perfect timing.
Floral crown by Rock N Rose. Purchased late-summer for a British summertime birthday themed outfit that I would like to wear everyday.
spirited_away_8 spirited_away_5

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