Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Time to live in the scattered sun

Last month, James was working at a festival in Henley on Thames, so I decided to tag along. Although it wasn't entirely our cup of tea (eighties themed, too much neon, too many ladies screaming at Adam Ant & various members of Straits), it did house the most beautiful makeshift bar that we have ever seen. Styled to capture the smoke-filled atmosphere of a 1920s jazz joint, the bar was decorated with ornate art nouveau design with scattered round tables, where everyone could sit and absorb the live skiffle that was played throughout the day. 
Renowned for its annual royal regatta, the town itself, is a beauty from what we saw. If anything, a little too picturesque. If my knowledge of idyllic looking English country dwellings serves me right (read: midsummer murders) something untowards has to be going on. That said, definitely worth another visit... p'haps when the eightiesness has died down a little. 
For one who resents having to take off his jacket and another who has no tolerance whatsoever to the 35 degree heat that selfishly stifled the air, the relentless sunshine was unbearable so we retreated into the cave-like shade of the Moroccan lounge and watered ourselves with deliciously, refreshing coconut water. So, good. 
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