Thursday, 13 September 2012

Smoke Sirens

The use of a cigarette in photography has often sparked debate. In light of the recent smoking ban and decision to conceal all branding, more so than usual.

I can only guess that it's feared that the packaging alone has the ability to hypnotise the impressionable and accentuate the appeal of these smoky sticks. One must not even cast a quick gaze because the supreme power of the cigarette will not only suffocate innocent lungs but will inevitably, suck their victim into an inescapable life of vice and ruin. One can learn from comparatives in the Victorian era, that the fallen individual, outcast from society will spend the remainder of their life under the judgemental eye of respectable, non-smokers. Or something of equal hyperbole.

Whatever you might think of smoking itself, you cannot deny the charm of billowing smoke clouds on a soft focus image. The drama & naughtiness masquereded by a romantic, hazy, tranquility. To contextualise my over use of adjectives, here's a few of our favourite snaps that we've been loving over on pinterest this week...

smoke signals 1 smoke signals 2 smoke signals 3 smoke signals 4 smoke signals 5 smoke signals 6 smoke signals 7
More of the collection over on our pinterest board, 'smoke signals'.
| Lauren
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