Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A space for sounds

A music studio is the palette and canvas for any musician and having a nice space to work in is so important to the creative process.

Having a studio in the box room in the house was great, but also limiting at times, whether it be noisy neighbours, or sleep times cutting off the recording schedule. I have now moved all my studio gear except for a few guitars, amps and a tape recorder, which will still be needed at home for little bursts of ideas.

The move is to a lovely farmyard in Northants, a quaint barn conversion, and a properly soundproofed control room. Lauren and I made the move at the weekend, and it took a few car journeys to get all the gear there. With everything set up (after about 3 hours) we listened to some of our favourite records, and got used to the new space. Looking forward to spending countless hours writing and producing in this room...

fair 4
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